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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-02
How to remove unit information on sportswear manufacturer? When we participated in the sports meeting held by our unit, everyone distributed a set of white sports uniforms, 80% cotton and 20% polyester. The name and logo of our unit were printed on the clothes, but now we don't need to wear the sports clothes. , I want to remove the unit name and logo above. I would like to ask my friends here how to remove the printed words. I usually want to wear them when I go out for activities. I see the big characters on the back are too conspicuous, so I have not worn them. Pretty wasteful. The method of washing the unit name and logo on the sportswear manufacturer depends on which printing method is used. If it is offset printing, it can be scraped off slowly from the edge, but if it is a watermark, it has already been printed on the fabric of the clothes. You can get a professional number somewhere, pay some money, and have them remove it for you (it washes it off with a chemical), I don't know what the chemical is. Because last time it was also a printing shop that misprinted my jersey, and when I went to them, they washed it off. If it is made of rubber, it can be rubbed off with gasoline. It tastes great. After washing, cotton and hemp fabrics can be soaked with 3% salt water, or washed with ginger water or wax gourd water. It can also be scrubbed with 5% acetic acid solution and 5% ammonia water, and then washed with cold water. In addition, you can try to use gasoline, I have used it before, and the effect is ok. Try it out first, hope it helps you. Related recommendation: Football uniform group purchase
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