how to put on a bra comfortably and properly

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2020-01-09
We wear bras every day and we think we wear them well, but how do we know?
In this tutorial, learn how to put on a bra and make it look great and feel comfortable.
With a few simple steps you will become an expert.
Step 1: Prepare a bra.
Loosen the shoulder strap and unlock the back.
Check if there are signs of wear in the bra, not just obvious signs of wear, such as a pop-up wire and a cracked hole;
Be careful of the elasticity of wear or wear, loose hooks and the bottom line of the eye closing or bending.
Step 2: pass each arm through the shoulder strap.
Tilt forward, bring the underwear to the chest and place each cup around each breast, the center bridge should stick firmly to the chest and the underwear should surround the breast tissue instead of squeezing it.
Step 3: fix the back with hook and eye closing device.
Most bras choose a snug location.
Make sure the straps are firmly fixed under the shoulder blades.
Try to keep the band level from the front to the back, all the way around the rib cage.
It may be too loose if the strap moves up, or the elastic band may wear out.
Step 4: bring all breast tissue forward into the cup by the following: Bend the waist, lift and adjust the steel wire, while allowing gravity to pull the soft breast tissue into the cup.
Or: Cross each cup with the opposite hand and scoop the soft tissue under your armpit into the Cup forward. Or Both!
Step 5: readjust the shoulder strap.
Shoulder straps should simply keep the chest Cup taught-
Do not bear the full weight of the breast.
Don\'t tighten too much
If the back of the bra starts riding up, or the straps cause visible dents, relax them to a more comfortable level. And voila!
You\'re wearing a bra!
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