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how to pick the right sports bra

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-22
Like many women, when I started working out in my teens, I didn\'t think much about what I was wearing during my workout: loose sweat, a pair of regular sneakers, my father\'s ancient T-shirt.
I started investing in more exercise equipment as my weight dropped: stable shoes
Mounted track, sweat-wicking tees.
No one told me at the time that I missed an integral part of the sportswear --a sports bra.
Seemingly harmless clothes
Let\'s face it, it\'s usually more expensive than all the clothes you wear outside --
Today is a staple in my closet.
Its entrants are an organic process: discomfort during exercise, a large number of jugaad and picky underwear sales have all played a role.
Why do you need a breast that is mainly made up of fatty tissue and is very easy to move because they are anchored only on the skin and Cooper ligaments in the chest.
\"Cooper\'s ligaments are not really ligaments, but a collection of connected tissues.
It supports breast tissue by tying the skin of the breast to the connecting tissue of the collar bone and the upper part of the chest (chest)muscle.
This ligament begins to lose elasticity as it grows older, resulting in sagging breasts, \"said Dr. ob-Sheela Nambiar.
Fitness coach gyn, author of two books on fitness.
But it\'s not just an aesthetic problem (
Terrible depression)
What you need to worry about: avoiding a sports bra can also cause pain in the breast, back or shoulder.
Anyone wearing a bra must wear a sports bra when playing outside. Convinced? Good.
Here is everything you need to know before buying.
The right fitSports store can be intimidating and then have different types of sports bras, which can also be confusing.
Ask for help: most good lingerie or sports shops have salespersons who will help you to choose the right underwear or sports shop.
However, Dr. Nambiar pointed out that do not buy them without trying them on, because \"trying on sports bras is mainly through repeated trials.
She offers some advice: make sure the strap is firmly placed under the breast on your rib, and the strap on your shoulder;
It should fit, but don\'t be so tight that you can\'t breathe and they can\'t go deep into your skin and cause discomfort;
Meat should not be raised from below the arm or above the breast, nor should there be any folds;
Choose a sweat-free fabric instead of cotton to make sure your bra is both stretched and firm.
Experiment a bit: like underwear, although few people see it, you will feel great knowing that you are wearing something interesting under your clothes.
\"The sports bra does have amazing fabrics, not to mention color and print,\" Nambiar agreed . \".
You can even wear them instead of regular bras, especially if you\'re small --breasted.
They are very convenient if you are also nursing.
\"They provide great support without going deep into your skin,\" said Nambiar . \". Activity match-
Are you too nervous when you\'re running?
Or does it feel too tight in yoga class?
You may have worn the wrong bra.
According to the activity level, bras can be divided into low, medium and high effects.
Running, exercising, dancing or attending a cross-fitness class? Go for a high-impact bra.
If you prefer strength yoga or a brisk walk, then you can choose a moderate intensity yoga.
Impact bra will do this, and low
Impact bra works in Pilates or mobile classes.
If you mix everything together, you may need more than one bra.
Also, please consider the size of the Cup.
Nambiar said: \"It is always better to provide better support when the driver comes back.
Wearing a bra is really not suitable for any serious exercise.
A good sports bra is expensive but you have to \"buy the best you can afford \".
From the point of view of comfort and wear, they are worth it. \"Nambiar said.
Also, make sure you change them the moment they stop supporting.
She added: \"It depends a lot on usage, but they can last for six months if they only exercise for one hour a day, \"Especially if one follows the following basic principles:
Wash if possible, do not wash at high temperature, lay flat and dry, do not iron.
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