how to perk up your breasts

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I am in my 20 s and love my chest so much that I want to keep them alive for as long as possible. (
They\'re a little big, so I\'m fighting gravity. )
I have heard that soaking them in cold water will solidify the tissue.
Is this legal?
Are there any other non-surgical things to do (
In addition to wearing a support bra)? —
N/ANeither soaking the breast in cold water or wearing a bra is an effective strategy to prevent breast relaxation, although it is well worn
A fitted bra will help you get more support for your breasts. [
Are there any questions about women\'s health? Ask Dr.
Go yourself. ]
Breast drooping over time (
Most organizations have).
When this happens to the breast, the doctor calls it drooping.
Breast sagging is mainly due to two factors: the change of the supporting ligaments and the reduction of the volume of the breast tissue, or both.
The main structural proteins in our bodies are collagen and elastic proteins, which are in a never-ending battle with time and environment.
Changes in collagen and elastic protein can affect the tension of the ligaments that support the breast, resulting in tissue relaxation.
Genes play an important role in the aging of these proteins, but smoking accelerates the process.
Changes in the volume of breast tissue can also lead to sagging.
This is because the female breast tissue itself is mainly fat (adipose tissue)
Milk glands and ducts.
For example, weight loss of more than 50 pounds will increase sagging.
Large cups and pregnancy are risk factors for sagging.
The more pregnancy you experience, the more likely this will happen. The good news?
Changes in the shape of the breast seem to have nothing to do with the breastfeeding itself.
This seems to be the result of an increase in breast size during pregnancy, breast size stretching ligaments, and loss of breast volume after pregnancy or breastfeeding.
Changes in hormones will also work.
Menopause can also cause sagging breasts.
The reduction of estrogen may affect collagen and also lead to a decrease in the volume of milk glands.
Remember that chant: \"We must, we must, we must increase our bankruptcy ,\"? .
Bad news: there is no muscle in the breast, so there is no chest exercise to prevent sagging in the breast, so those hymns are just a dose of early snake oil.
There are no supplements, creams, Bath, breast pump or bra that can prevent sagging breasts.
None of these things can prevent collagen or elastic protein from aging or being affected by pregnancy, nor can they prevent changes in the volume of the breast.
If you smoke, quitting smoking is good for your breasts
Smoking is not only related to cosmetic changes in breast tissue, but also increases the risk of breast cancer.
Wearing the right bra can temporarily change the appearance of the breast.
Women interested in more permanent changes in the appearance of breasts can find a board
Certified plastic surgeons seeking advice.
The \"perfect breast is the best\" structure is the patriarchal system that leads us to believe that it is \"normal\" for women \".
This shows that adolescent appearance is not normal.
The breast has various shapes and sizes, just like the woman who has the breast.
Some are big, some are small, and some are more of a tear shape than others.
I hope that no matter what your breasts look like, you always love your breasts. Dr.
Twitter\'s resident gynecologist, Jen Gunter, is working with our editors to answer all your questions about women\'s health.
From your normal anatomy to healthy sex, to the truth behind the strange health statement, Dr.
Gunter has also written a column called \"cycle\" that promises to deal with your problems with respect, candor and honesty.
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