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After a lot of searching, I designed this center to make sure my readers don\'t carry false or misleading information.
Thanx to the source site.
Believe it or not, 80% of women wear the wrong bra size.
The most common mistake is to wear a cup that is too big a strap and/or too small.
While the average bra size is often quoted as 36C, most people wearing this size should actually wear a bra with a 34D or 34DD.
The size of the cup is related to the size of the strap, so for example, the D cup is not the same in each bra.
The 32D is the same size as the 34C or 36B, but on a smaller frame.
28F actually 2 cups smaller than 38D.
You may not think you are full, but when you move to a smaller band size, you will find that you need a larger cup size.
As your weight fluctuates throughout the season and years, the size of your bra changes.
Sometimes you wear it so long that you don\'t realize it\'s no longer appropriate and you don\'t notice the discomfort.
If you\'re looking for a bra that fits better, here\'s how to find your real bra size. Important Tips-
The measurements used in the steps of this guide refer to the UK bra size.
Although the American bra is theoretically the same system size, there is a big difference between brands, so if you are in the United States, you may find that you need a larger band size and/or smaller cup size than the one shown here.
For example, 32 E in the UK may be equivalent to 34DD or even 36D in the United States.
PROCEDUREWear your best support bra.
The bra does not have to fit.
The aim is to get your breasts in the position of ideal bra support, and the weight can be hung comfortably.
However, this step is optional, so keep measuring if you can\'t find a bra with good support.
Measure the size of your band.
Around your body, right under your breast, measured with a tape measure, in inches.
Make sure the tape measure is horizontal and quite comfortable.
You should have put your arm down.
To the nearest even number.
This should be your band number.
For example, if you measure 31 inch, your band size should be 32.
If you measure 34
5 inch, your band size should be 34.
Many bra installation guides will tell you to add four or 5 inch to your underwear measurements, but this is not correct.
The old method was designed in the 1930 s when the bra design was still in its infancy and did not apply to modern bras. 3.
Measure the size of your chest.
Loosely measure the most complete part of the chest in inches (
Not too tight or inaccurate measurements).
If you don\'t have a bra or your bra doesn\'t fit very well, bend so your back is parallel to the floor and measured on your chest and nipple.
Rounding this measurement to the nearest integer. 4.
Calculate the size of your cup.
Subtract the band size measurement from the bust Image Measurement and determine the size of your cup as shown below :(
For larger cup sizes, the calculation of cup sizes may not be very accurate. )1.
Less than 1 inch = AA cup 2.
1 inch = one Cup 3.
2 inch = cup B 4.
3 inch = cup C 5.
4 inch = D cup 6.
5 inch = DD cup 7.
6 inch = Cup E (US DDD)8.
Cup 7 inch = F (US DDDD)9.
8 inch = FF Cup 10.
9 inch = G Cup 4.
Try the strap size and cup size bra you have reached in these steps.
Because there may be a big difference in the way the bra is made, and there will be differences in different styles of bra, so this size should be the starting point. 5.
Check the band size.
The correct strap size is the smallest size you can wear comfortably.
It needs to be tight enough that the bra is still fairly supportive without pressing the straps. 1.
You should be able to run around inside the band with your fingers, but not much. 2.
It should fit the maximum adjustment, but it may be too tight if you try to fix it to the minimum size.
The bra is designed for this, and after you wear it a few times, you can leave room for the bra to stretch. 3.
If the band is very nervous even in the biggest adjustment, then increase the size of the band (
And a cup size to compensate).
For example, try 34C if 32D is too tight. 4.
If the band is loose enough, you can comfortably tie it in the most stringent adjustments and try to use a smaller band (e. g. 32D -> 30DD). 5.
Check the size of the Cup.
The correct cup size is the maximum size you can fill in completely.
You should fill the cup but don\'t stand out anywhere. 1.
Check the top and sides of the bra for drum packs. 2.
Make sure to surround your entire breast offline and flush with your ribs. 3.
If the size of the cup is too large, reduce the size.
If it\'s too small, or even if it looks right, try a larger cup size to check again.
Tip this measurement is available in the UK, but it can be translated into bra sizes in other countries using the international bra size calculator.
The size of the United States may be slightly different
In the American brand, you may find that you need a larger band size and/or a smaller cup size.
The size of the cup above D varies between manufacturers less reliably.
Some brands enter the next letter of the alphabet for every 1 inch increase, while others may add one letter per inch. A well-
The fitted bra should provide support for straps rather than straps.
You should be able to take off the straps and still feel the support of the bra.
Be sure to try it on before you buy a bra and be open to your size.
If you don\'t have a tape measure, you can find out the size of your bra.
If you already wear a bra that looks like it fits well, but is spacious around the band, you can reduce the size of the band and the size of the Cup until you reach the size you can only fix
This is the right size. (e. g. 36C -> 34D -> 32DD)
If the size of your cup is uneven, choose a larger one.
You can support the smaller breasts with a slightly shorter shoulder strap, or you can pad the Cup.
Don\'t do this as mentioned above, just to give you a general idea of what size to try on first.
Women have a variety of shapes and sizes, and the size of the bra is affected by the ratio of the back, the shape of the breast, the quality of the chest muscles, etc.
All of these factors can interact to influence your bra size in unpredictable ways.
Ignore anyone who claims to be able to determine your size from your size --
Especially if they tell you to add a few inches to your measurements below your chest.
Like the size of the clothes, the size of the bra has changed over the years, and the old method does not work for the modern bra.
If you have been told your size before, but now find that different sizes are more suitable, wear the right size!
The numbers on the mix tape are more important.
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