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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-08-30
Men's autumn sportswear In fact, there are relatively few styles of men's sportswear manufacturer, nothing more than outdoor, leisure, T-shirts, sweatpants, etc. Next, we will introduce you to the more typical casual wear and T-shirt matching skills in the matching of men's autumn sportswear For your reference. Now women's sportswear manufacturer is really full of tricks, and men are paying more and more attention to their sportswear matching. Fall is coming, men's fall sportswear combinations make this fall“pretty”, please see our recommended men's autumn sports suit collocation for you, I hope it will be helpful to you. Men in social situations or men at work want to look elegant, solemn, and easy-going, so they should choose business casual T-shirts in neutral colors that are well-textured and well-crafted, while those soft, bright, and personalized Should be reserved for casual occasions. A fat person wearing a T-shirt with a small square collar will appear a little rigid and cramped. It is more appropriate to choose a T-shirt with a large collar with a point. When wearing a floral T-shirt, you must avoid bringing a lot of gold and silver jewelry. People used to think that you were a Nanyang customer, but now they may think that you are a small nouveau riche who set up a stall to do business. When wearing a casual t-shirt, don't forget to match it with the same casual style of trousers as khaki and fine canvas, as well as casual sneakers. You can choose the color you want. Men's autumn sportswear should be matched with tops that are not sportswear manufacturer, and sports casual pants with bulging in the pockets. Avoid sportswear with leather shoes. Avoid sneakers and shoelaces color mismatch. Avoid short sports pants, the standard sports pants length is to cover the sports shoes. Avoid putting T-shirts over sweatpants. Avoid too much T-shirt collar, there is a gap between the collar and neck. Avoid sports shirts with too long sleeves, which should be shorter than your arms. Ingor specializes in providing customized and group purchases of various sportswear. With 18 years of experience in the sports industry, Ingor can bring you high-quality sportswear. The products include casual sportswear, basketball, tennis suits, etc.! Welcome to call 86-15815657313!
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