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how to lose weight while breastfeeding after giving birth

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-03
Looking at your stomach for nearly 10 months, you may be eager to lose weight.
While breastfeeding may actually speed up your weight loss, you shouldn\'t focus on losing weight in the first two months of postpartum.
According to the international laleche alliance, eight weeks after the birth of the baby is crucial to establishing a milk supply, and diet may harm your efforts.
You can expect to lose 1. 3 to 1.
£ 6 pounds a month for the first four to six months.
After that, your weight loss will be a little slower as your baby care frequency decreases.
Be patient and give yourself at least nine months to lose weight.
Having a babysitter sit in a rocking chair to take care of your baby for hours may not like work, but breastfeeding can be as fat as a strenuous gym.
If you feed only breast milk-
No formula or food supplements-
You can consume 500 calories a day.
Breastfeeding the baby for at least six months, extend the care relationship for a year or more if you are possible with your baby.
Sweating begins immediately after delivery, rest and recovery is your top priority.
Once you go-
However, advance from your obstetrician and it\'s time to start the action.
If you have a simple vaginal delivery, you can start mild aerobic exercise almost immediately.
Put the baby in the stroller and go for a walk.
After the postpartum check, you should be able to resume strenuous exercise, such as running, cycling or swimming.
Wear a soft cotton sports bra to prevent breast irritation.
Line up the bra with a pad to prevent milk from leaking.
Have your partner look after your child so you can exercise or find a gym with childcare.
Exercise can help you lose weight safely and cope with the stress of your newborn.
When you are eager to lose your baby\'s weight, eating enough food can be tempting to get into the eating mode.
However, if you limit your diet too much, you have the potential to affect the supply of milk.
What to expect magazine recommended a simple calculation to determine the calorie demand when breastfeeding.
Increase your pre-
If you are sedentary, the weight of pregnancy will increase by 12, if you are moderately active, the weight of pregnancy will increase by 15, if you are very active, the weight of pregnancy will increase by 22, and then increase by 400 to 500 calories.
For example, a woman exercises 30 to 60 minutes a day and weighs 135 pounds kilograms.
It takes 135 times to get pregnant, 15 plus 500 calories. -
Or 2,525 calories a day.
What to Eat Well is as important as how much to eat when breastfeeding.
Your baby gets nutrition from your diet through breast milk, so eating well is essentialbalanced diet.
Focus on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean protein and low proteinfat dairy.
Limit the intake of sodium, fat and sugar.
Avoid the need for you to eliminate the diet plan of the food group.
You and your children need a diverse diet to be healthy.
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