How to judge whether his/her jersey for the factory?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-05-05
Cycling sports rise quietly at home in recent years, every weekend rest time, such as highway go through all kinds of cycling enthusiasts, according to industry analysis, cycling jerseys in 2010 to 2013, market growth from 10 million to 100 million yuan, nearly three years has increased by nearly 10 times, his/her jersey for the rise of market demand, has also spawned a batch of cycling jerseys factory, large and small domestic cycling jerseys as a kind of professional uniforms, however, not only in design, workmanship, fabric, etc are all higher than ordinary clothes. So when choosing cycling jerseys manufacturer for customized, more attention should be paid to, not many small factory can produce, if looking for some cycling jerseys manufacturer, if the price is very low, that also should pay attention to the below small make up is simply to introduce you to a professional to do his/her jersey for the factory should have what conditions. First of all, his/her jersey for the fabric; Cycling jerseys as a professional sportswear, in terms of fabric and accessories are more, such as clothes coat with 100% polyester, and pants generally divided into two parts: dyeing, 88% nylon, 12% spandex. Printing part, 88% polyester, 12% spandex 88% polyester, 12% spandex, this is the most commonly used to do his/her jersey for the fabric, if you are looking at factory, can't supply these cycling jerseys commonly used fabric, it is conceivable that this factory is professional to do cycling jerseys. Second, the cycling jerseys cushion; Today's popular cycling cushion generally have a few kinds of sponge, silicone, microfiber cushion; Sponge is the most common, permeability, but if it is real a long distance, that is, continuous cycling 10 days or longer trips, small make up suggest using silica gel, as to the general riding never recommend silicone especially competitive category. And microfiber also calls the suede cushion, cushion with poor permeability, performance space without the sponge is big, can choose according to need, when consulting cushion, manufacturers can at least provide a kind of let you choose. Again, his/her jersey for the printing process and ink; General cycling clothing design is the digital printing technology are used, the printing process to print out the patterns of the feel is good, do not fade, and does not affect the fabric itself characteristic, looking for a manufacturer, must know whether they can do this process, if even the process all have no, that is not a professional cycling jerseys factory, and pay attention to his/her jersey for the factory to make clothes used by ink, generally USES are Italian ink environmental protection, while some Korean or domestic ink, appear in the sun for a long time will fade, easy to produce skin infections. Finally, the cycling jerseys factory design and development, and work; Professional cycling jerseys factory has a professional design and development capabilities, can be completely according to customers' personalized requirements for design, such as the number of design and development team can consult factory. Work, such as watching have done fine cycling jerseys for stitching neat, spend a registration precision, easy open easy to fall off parts are reinforced. Because good stitching on garment is very tall to the requirement of car teacher, delivery is slow, and have strict quality inspection link is the QC department; And the zipper is also has exquisite, however, is the YKK zipper, but should pay attention to too many false Y now, if the commitment to use YKK zipper manufacturer, best can provide purchase vouchers. Believe that serious investigation based on the above points, you can probably know what you find factory is a professional clothing manufacturers to ride, if you take the sample to quote, some manufacturers if the price is very low that you also have to be careful, professional cycling jerseys generally the prices are higher, price low is likely to be in such aspects as material, craft, zippers, ink is on sale, to believe that a good must be expensive.
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