how to find the perfect fitting bra for woman with a big chest

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-18
Well, that\'s more than I usually admit, but I\'m a 34J naturally.
I won\'t tell you stories like backache and swearing;
But it\'s not all about getting bigger in the chest.
I\'m lucky I don\'t look that big in clothes.
Having said that, when I was in my first year of college, I complained to a friend that my chest was getting bigger.
A girl living across the hall peeked at her head in the room and asked, \"are you talking about Angie\'s breasts?
Yes, they are big!
\"I was 34 at the time.
Another story, when I first adopted my daughter, she said to me at the table shortly after she moved in, \"How do you have such a big chest?
\"My husband forgives himself because I can see his back shaking in laughter.
Still, I would say, I\'m lucky and, to a large extent, I\'m not as big as most girls with three D girls.
After ten years of bra troubles and troubles, how to find the right BraTIPS when buying the right bra, I finally started to be able to buy a bra of my size, it was lovely for me and my husband, and it didn\'t cost me a penny at the same time.
Here\'s my tip: make sure it fits first: I strongly recommend measuring, not just by anyone, but by someone who has experience in measuring dimensions.
I \'ve always tried to pick the Victoria Secret lady I know, which means they \'ve been doing it for longer.
Then, once you are measured, look for the cute bra in your size and try it on.
Something to pay attention to when trying on a bra: When trying on a bra, you need to make sure it looks good and fits in the right place.
This is a very basic list: the straps cling to the shoulders, but you are still supported if you pull them off your shoulders.
The straps should be there for extra comfort and comfort, but should not be the only support system.
The straps around the chest should be close-fitting, but the straps around the chest don\'t matter.
The band should also be parallel to the ground instead of riding on your back.
If it takes up your back then you need a smaller bandwidth.
For example, if you are wearing the 40 th and it is riding on your back, go to the 38 th and see if it is comfortable.
The part between the chest should be flat.
If you can put a quarter inside like a slot, then it\'s not the bra for you.
There should be no gap between your chest and a small part of the Cup.
The breast cup should be exactly the same as your chest.
There should be no gap between the mat and your chest, nor should there be something that my friend so eloquently calls \"ass chest\", where your chest will really come from your chest
For those of us who have bigger and fuller breasts, this is actually the hardest part.
Some of us are more rounded and some of us are more rectangular, so people who fit your size may not fit you.
How does it look under T-
Shirt on a light T-shirt
Shirt on the bra, look at t-shirt on.
This is very important because I thought it would be good to have some bras and when I put them on I noticed that I had some overflow action.
If you\'re like me, Isabella Snow has an awesome website that offers great bras that will be great for those who are small but have a bigger chest
If you\'re interested, I \'ve also placed the three bras she recommends for the larger chest women I \'ve found on Amazon.
I don\'t worry about swimming clothes shopping: of course, I can\'t hide my natural pension in swimming clothes.
In fact, I don\'t like to wear a swimsuit unless it\'s for grandma, but you don\'t feel sexy in Grandma\'s swimsuit.
My father\'s comments were made when I was initially excited to wear a bikini.
This is the first and last bikini I bought.
Buying a swimsuit is like doing a pelvic examination.
No, I take this back, and even my pelvic examination does not cause the embarrassment that often occurs when bathing suits are shopping.
Like everyone else, it\'s all because of the stomach, and also because my chest is not suitable for a typical swimsuit top.
The triangle top looks ridiculous.
Women with larger breasts must choose between covering the nipple or the bottom of the breast.
Because the typical triangle does not cover both at the top.
The top of the square looks great, but usually you have to buy a top that is much bigger than the bottom.
You are not lucky unless the top and bottom are sold separately.
The modesty of the larger cracked woman had to throw modesty out of the window. . .
In a way: Now, I know that some girls really want to have a big chest.
I was lucky that in some ways I was happy with my figure.
But I have to say that the shirt is never as cute in me as a thin flat woman. Now, I am thin.
My hips are big and my chest is big, but my stomach is flat and my weight is in the healthy range.
I used to be very modest and refused to wear anything slightly lower
I was cut because I had a cleavage.
Women with smaller breasts don\'t have cleavage and look modest on them, but I often feel like I can\'t find cute clothes.
A few years after I got married, I gave up my efforts to try to be completely modest, because it was almost impossible when you had a big chest.
Tight shirts and low-breast shirts are not considered appropriate.
Unfortunately, if you get a shirt with a loose top, your waist will be sleepy and you look fatter than you --fitting shirt.
Then there is the low cut problem.
Seriously, find a nonlow cut, a non-
Will not make you look big tight shirt, I will buy it!
Unfortunately, they don\'t sell.
I find myself forever addicted to camping under a low chest fit shirt.
Because I don\'t want to say peeka-
Camping is a must for everyone.
Gawkers: I did find some shirts that made me feel uncomfortable since I gave up my full modest efforts.
When your chest is bigger, both men and girls will stare at you if you choose to show off.
When this happens, the shirt becomes a bunch of good-natured things, and I\'m mentally careful not to buy that style again.
Now, I know that people don\'t stare at my chest just because they want me, but because they\'re there, like looking at someone with a big zit on their face, you are trying your best not to stare at him!
Luckily, the empire waist shirt was a nice look on me that didn\'t encourage gawkers and wouldn\'t flood my waist, plus cami could make a very gentle choice.
Bra shopping bra buying problem: I think the worst part of all this is bra shopping.
DD is very common for 40DD people, but when you are thin and big, forget it. IMPOSSIBLE.
My fingers and toes are less than the number of times I go to buy a bra and cry.
I remember the first time I went from 34D to 34DD and actually I was pushing DDD at the time.
The Secret Lady of Victoria said: \"I\'m really sorry that we don\'t have such a big thing. Really?
Not so big?
For God\'s sake, you\'re Victoria\'s Secret.
They started selling my size about three years later and only had a lovely bra.
Since then, they have started to sell us products with more clumsy shapes, thinner ribs, and larger breasts.
I think part of the reason is the increase in breast augmentation, or my mom thinks that today\'s girl has a bigger chest because of the hormones in the meat.
Victoria Secret finally sold my size for whatever reason, with more options.
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