How to deal with the deformation of modal lycra cotton T-shirt? -Ingor Sportswear

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-18
The T-shirt fabric is Lycra cotton, also known as pull frame cotton and modal cotton, which are all similar fabrics. A feature of this high-stretch T-shirt fabric is that it is easily deformed. If it is not a custom-made fabric, it generally needs to be treated with a washing process, otherwise the cut fabric will easily lose its shape and distort the texture. The common problems of ready-made garments made of unwashed fabrics are: the clothes become longer, the bust becomes smaller or larger, and the size of the front and rear pieces of the clothes is wrong. Therefore, washing water treatment is necessary, try to find a large cloth shop to buy cloth, or customize. The common T-shirts made of modal lycra cotton fabrics are easily out of shape, either long or short, wide or short. Generally, the washing process is used to solve these problems.
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