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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-15
Due to the particularity of the material of some sportswear suits, poor cleaning or care can easily cause the clothes to pill. What to do after the clothes are pilled? We've prepared the best ways to deal with pilling on your clothes and tips to keep your clothes from pilling to keep your tracksuit outfit looking like new. What should I do if the sportswear suit is pilling? To prevent clothes from pilling, you should first know the reason for pilling of sportswear suits. Pilling is the commonality of woolen products. In the process of wool yarn processing and sweater wearing, under the action of various external forces such as friction and tension, the wool fibers in the wool yarn are easily hooked out to form a ring or single-end detachment. After repeated friction, the wool fibers are entangled in the together, form a ball. A large part of the pilling of sportswear suits, especially sweaters, is caused by friction, so it is particularly important to choose good clothes to match with sweaters. The editor recommends that you choose clothes that are not rough or smooth (such as modal fabrics) when choosing clothes. . From the reasons for the pilling of clothes, we can see that the best way to prevent the clothes from pilling is to choose clothes. When we choose clothes, we try to choose fine wool wool (cashmere type), mercerized wool, and Tencel series wool when weaving. Appropriately increase the knitting density and reduce the knitting pattern structure. The process of washing sportswear manufacturer suits is also one of the reasons that easily cause clothes to pilling. The correct washing method is: when washing, turn the sweater inside out to reduce the friction on the surface of the sweater, which can prevent the sweater from pilling; secondly, choose the correct washing method Do not use traditional washing powder to wash sweaters, use special sweater cleaning agents or wash sweaters with shampoo. Sweaters are generally re-knitted once every 2-3 years, and the wool is washed with warm water of 50 degrees. During the washing process, an appropriate amount of neutral detergent or soap powder can be added. It should be noted that in order to prevent the deformation of the wool, the washed wool should not be removed. The main reason for the pilling of sportswear suits is related to our work and living habits. If your work or life is often active, it is recommended to choose pure plush yarns spun from blended and thick wool, which are more wear-resistant and have a higher pilling rate. Also lower than normal wool. To sum up, during the wearing and use of woolen knitted sportswear suits, it is easy to pilling due to the performance of raw materials, spinning and dyeing and finishing processes, weaving structure, wearing methods, etc. The best way to solve the problem of pilling is usually For the maintenance and care of clothes, as long as we pay more attention to the purchase, wearing, cleaning and care of sportswear manufacturer suits that are easy to pilling, this problem can be well solved. Have you learned all the ways to deal with the pilling of sportswear shared by the editor above? Hurry up and go back to collect it first, maybe you will use it someday? (tennis suit)
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