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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-05
How to customize team clothes? Living in society, you will definitely participate in more or less teams or organizations, such as classes, clubs, enterprises, etc. There are teams that basically have team clothes. So, how to customize team clothes? Let me introduce to you below! First of all, it is necessary to make a choice based on the number of team members, whether to buy directly or customize team clothes. If there are only a dozen or less teams, ordinary manufacturers will not accept such a small order unless they pay a high price. At this point, we opted to purchase a group outfit directly as our team outfit. If you must add a team logo, it is recommended to only print a simple logo, which will cost relatively little. If you are in a large team, there are more choices available at this time. We can directly find the manufacturer to customize the team clothes, or we can buy a batch of group clothes and let the manufacturer print the logo. Here I recommend Ingor . It has been engaged in the team clothing customization industry for 18 years. It has a large number of customized team clothing cases. It has customized a large number of casual sportswear manufacturer and other team clothing for the government, schools, enterprises and units. Designers can customize according to customers. If you have a small number of team members, you can also simply print the logo on the basis of our existing clothing styles, which absolutely meets the needs of team clothes.
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