How to choose yoga clothing fabric?

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2020-01-18
Nowadays, there are more and more diversified clothes suitable for sports on the market. The texture, style, style, color and style are different. Everyone can choose their favorite clothes according to their own preferences, but yoga is a kind of gentle and stretching, focus on the fitness method, so in the choice of clothes, it is recommended to refer to the following points: first, fabric: When we buy yoga clothes, it should be noted that yoga clothes are labeled with clothing materials. At present, yoga fabrics in the market are various, such as bamboo fiber, silk cotton, polyester, flax, milk protein composite fiber, nylon and so on, the price also ranges from dozens to hundreds of pieces. Which fabric should be chosen to be the most comfortable and affordable? You will find that viscose fabrics are the most common in the market at present, because their price and comfort are the best ratio. Of course, the fabric made of bamboo fiber is really good, but it is a little expensive. It is expensive because it is a pure natural environmental protection product. Since we only wear yoga when practicing yoga, if it can meet the various requirements of our yoga practice, I think it is a pretty good yoga suit, in terms of cost performance, personally, I think the material of viscose fiber is quite comfortable, and the price is moderate, around 100 or 200. The following focuses on viscose fabrics: viscose fibers are cellulose fibers produced from cotton or other natural fibers. They have the essence of cotton and the quality of silk. They are authentic ecological fibers, derived from nature and better than nature. Among the 12 major textile fibers, the moisture content of the viscose fiber best meets the physiological requirements of human skin, has super anti-static performance, and does not produce the feeling of attachment to the body, so it is very smooth, this is unmatched by other fibers. In view of the fact that there are many large stretching and twisting movements in yoga movements, the fabric must have good stretching force, but at the same time, it must also have good resilience, it will not appear that the yoga clothes that pass through the knees and other parts appear bulging, or the size changes after washing. In response to this feature, there is a certain amount of spandex or Lycra in the yoga clothing fabric. Which is better in terms of stretch and elasticity in the yoga clothing that adds Lycra and spandex, we compared the characteristics of these two fabrics with pictures, so that you can more truly understand the difference between the two fabrics. Fabric A: 96% viscose + 4% spandex yoga clothing contains A certain component of spandex, which makes it have very good elasticity, strong tensile force and lower elasticity than general fitness clothing, it is more suitable for completing various movements of yoga clothes.
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