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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-27
How to choose the right maternity pants for you

Pregnant women need to wear some maternity clothes during pregnancy. These clothes are loose and comfortable, and will not cause serious restraint to the pregnant woman, and the fetus will not be affected by the tight clothes. However, many pregnant women have no obvious belly in the early stage of pregnancy. So when should you wear maternity pants when you are pregnant?

Generally, after 3 months of pregnancy, the fetus will continue to grow, and the pregnant woman's belly will become prominent at this time. In order to prevent the trousers from being too tight and hurt the fetus, pregnant women need to wear maternity pants, and maternity pants are on the stomach It is specially designed for a big belly, leaving a gap to a large extent, and it will not affect the growth of the fetus because it is too tight.

Pregnant women should pay attention to the purchase at a professional maternity and baby store. When buying, they need to choose some cotton pants. Such pants are more comfortable and have strong sweat-absorbing ability, which is more beneficial for pregnant women. Many maternity trousers are made of denim, which has poor air permeability. It is not recommended for pregnant women to choose such trousers. Such trousers will be uncomfortable after wearing them.

When pregnant women choose maternity trousers, they can choose some slightly fatter trousers. There should be elastic bands on the waistband of maternity trousers. When the pregnant woman's belly becomes larger, it will not have any effect on the pregnant woman. Adjusting the size of the belly can prevent the pants from being squeezed into the pants of pregnant women, which will have a better effect on pregnant women.
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