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How to choose the fabrics of autumn riding?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-05-02
When in a bad mood, I will choose to practice, because only nature would quietly listen to your crying, solve your sorrow! When happy travel, I would choose to ride, let the autumn wind over the face, the smoke to grief. 。 。 At that time, I would like to put up cycling jerseys, let the sweat flows through the comfortable fabrics, flowing slowly. 。 。 Wait until the autumn wind the leaves, let's ride the bicycle, feel the caress of the autumn wind, a taste of the natural gentle! Autumn new riding, riding friends you ready? Riding a bike in the role of cycling jerseys and fabric choice, summer and autumn wear long sleeve cycling jerseys can prevent bask in, have some cold; And winter wear composite cycling jerseys, windproof, breathable and keep warm. Competition is the fierce conflicts between athletes speed, stamina, and skill, also is high cycling equipment. Ride to the determination of design, colorific collocation are carefully considered, and the choice of functional fabrics and development but also the key of the design. From a professional point of view, cycling jerseys roughly divided into cycling underwear, road cycling jerseys and cycling coat three categories. From the type can be divided into: male cycling jerseys, cycling jerseys and cycling accessories. And cycling accessories also can be divided into cycling gloves, cycling cuff, cycling cap, cycling shoes with cycling trench coat. Due to ride the close-fitting wearing underwear, for comfort of fabrics is very high. When the weather is cold, usually choose to keep warm, breathable and good heat insulation polyester fabrics; Such as professional d g m cycling jerseys with Italian miti high-end fabrics of cycling. The biggest characteristic is protective, close-fitting and comfortability, and add some detail design. When the weather is colder, riding jacket needs to choose breathable, sweating, warmth retention property good fabric, usually choose fleece fabric on the back. Lycra fabric close to the skin elasticity and reduce the friction between the legs and cycling shorts, can prevent the grinding inner thigh injury. At night, because of the large road cycling risk more cycling jerseys have reflective signs, reflective material, reflective word is not only a decoration, it is the indispensable & other cycling sports equipment Night vision to identify & throughout; Design!
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