How to choose the best underwear for you? Learn these few tricks to make you fall in love with beautiful back underwear without hesitation

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-12
How to choose the right underwear for you? Learn these tricks to make you fall in love with beautiful back underwear without hesitation

Meiback underwear can be used to decorate, beautify and correct the shape of the back, and has been favored by young female consumers in recent years. In addition to retaining the basic functions of ordinary bras, Meiback underwear can fully display the charming figure and self-confidence charm of contemporary women. So, how can we choose the beautiful back underwear that suits us?

First of all, in terms of its function, beauty back underwear can generally be divided into two categories: decorative beauty back underwear and functional beauty back underwear. Among them, decorative beauty back underwear: the back is mostly Y-shaped, T-shaped, crossed shoulder straps, bow decoration, hollow lines, halter lace underwear, backless buckle underwear, side buckle beauty back underwear, etc., generally suitable for It is worn by women with a good figure and is worn with a nude-backed coat. More suitable for summer wear, the temperature should not be too low. And functional beautiful back underwear: the back is mostly U-shaped, V-shaped, I-back, vest and sports underwear styles, which are more suitable for women with wide backs and fleshy backs to correct their backs. It can be worn in all seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

How to wear beauty back underwear:

1. One-shoulder wear

Choose an undergarment that can remove the straps and remove the root of one of them. In this way, you can wear it with one-sided off-shoulder clothes without revealing the embarrassing shoulder straps!

2. One-shoulder cross method

For one-shoulder clothes, you can also use this method, fix one end of a shoulder strap on the chest, and fix the other end diagonally to get a shoulder strap.

3. How to wear a halter neck

Leave only one shoulder strap, go around the back of the neck, hang it to the other side of the underwear, and fix it on the chest to form a triangular shoulder strap that hangs around the neck. Even shoulder-shaved clothes are stress-free.

4. Cross-shoulder wear

The shoulder straps can be tied crosswise. If there is no underwear button, use a paper clip to pin it. In this way, if you wear a race vest in summer, are you still afraid of leaking the shoulder straps?

5, X-shaped wear method

Butterfly Valley is one of the sexiest places for women, and the X-style underwear is just right to wear 'explicit' clothes. Once the underwear is properly put on, snap the two straps on the back together to form an X shape.

6, the back cross detour

Take off the front of both shoulder straps at the same time, and buckle them from the back to the chest. Prepare a pair of elastic underwear with a low waistband, and then you can not only corset your waist like this, but also subtly reveal your beautiful back

7. Wearing a tube top around the back

If you want to show sexy underwear, you can choose this beautiful back tube top underwear. When wearing open-back clothes, such beautiful back underwear is a bright spot.

8. How to wear the extension belt

Prepare underwear buckles, and underwear straps, and extend them on the underwear. Then cross it at the back, pass it from the waist, and buckle it in the chest seat. Great for clothes with a low back.

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