How to choose the adjustment underwear that you are satisfied with, senior underwear manufacturers do this

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-16
How to choose the adjustment underwear that you are satisfied with, senior underwear manufacturers do this

Adjustable underwear is a new type of underwear developed according to medical, adipose, ergonomic and professional underwear design concepts. It can adjust breast shape, concentrate and fix fat, straighten the spine, and correct body shape. . The difference between adjustable underwear and ordinary underwear is that ordinary underwear can only show your original figure, while adjustable underwear can help people who were not in ideal figure to do modification and adjustment, and women with good figure can continue to maintain their beauty. 's stature.

Question 1: Wearing adjustable underwear will affect blood circulation, which will adversely affect your health? Will the body shape change? Adjustable underwear can achieve the effect of weight loss, what is the principle?
Answer: People who have such concerns do not actually understand the true working principle of adjustable underwear. Combined with the principles of human body structure mechanics and underwear design, high-quality new materials are used to gradually guide the internal loss and sagging fat to return Position and lock, and ensure uniform force, double care of women's body and health. Adjustable underwear can adjust the body shape, so that the body becomes shapely and beautiful. If you want to achieve the effect of losing weight, you need to cooperate more in daily diet, fitness exercise and other aspects in order to achieve the real weight loss effect. Wearing regular-quality adjustable underwear will not adversely affect women's health, nor will it adversely affect human blood circulation. On the contrary, if you can persist in wearing adjustable underwear for a long time, it will make your body even and beautiful.

Question 2: Do women who are in good shape still need to wear adjusting underwear, isn't it superfluous?
Answer: If women who maintain a good body shape wear adjustable underwear, they can maintain their beautiful figure for a longer time, especially when they start to wear suitable adjustment underwear during the development period, there will be unexpected results. Adjustable underwear fits well and can be adjusted to a beautiful curve, which is comfortable to wear for a long time, adapts to the daily activities of the body, and does not lose shape. After all, who doesn't want to be more beautiful?

Question 3: What are the precautions for wearing adjustment underwear? Do you need to wear it every day? Can I wear it while sleeping?
Answer: This question is also the focus of most female consumers. Even the best adjustable underwear needs to be worn correctly: when wearing an adjustable underwear, the chest must be completely inserted into the cup from both sides, and the position must be determined to match the cup, the back should be kept in the back center, and the waistband should be worn. Make sure your waist, legs, and hips are in the correct position. When sleeping, because the muscles of the human body are in the most relaxed state, it is best not to wear adjustable underwear to sleep at this time.

Question 4: What conditions should a good adjustment underwear have, or how to choose the adjustment underwear that suits you?
Answer: First of all, we must first understand that the function of adjustable underwear is to adjust our chest to an ideal state, so that the chest line is improved and firm, and it can adjust the chest curve according to the flexible matching of different outerwear. Show your temperament.

Bra cups should be thin at the top and thick at the bottom, and push up the breasts naturally, which can not only prevent the breasts from sagging, but also prevent the breasts from expanding outwards. The elastic shoulder straps can effectively disperse the stress on the shoulders, increase the chest fat, avoid pressing the shoulder ligaments, and choose underwear with wider shoulder straps. The length of the shoulder straps depends on the cups. Generally speaking, A to D cups use 1.3CM wide shoulder straps, and E to F cups use 1.6CM wide shoulder straps. G cup and above can use 1.8CM wide shoulder straps. Check whether the bottoms of the front and rear panels are in the same horizontal position for the lower girdle. If not, don't buy it. In the choice of size, it is best to ask professionals to measure the size of each dimension, and choose different adjustable underwear according to your body shape preferences. Do not choose underwear according to the size in your memory or through the coat. In addition, bras should not be too large. Tight, otherwise it will compress the chest and affect blood circulation. It is better to choose a model with suitable elasticity.

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