How to choose and buy the yoga clothing in summer

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-05-06
For women who practice yoga, some female friends to practice for a long time, the body appear a lot of sweat, worry that catch a cold, when yoga clothing of choose and buy, don't know what kind of style do you want to to give priority to, how should choose and yoga clothing, such as summer below small make up some advice, such as yoga tops in general is given priority to with vest or T-shirt, and these will be long, don't show hilum, small make up recommend this vest can be not only the greatest degree of observed the change of the neck, shoulder, arm and shoulder blades, in the summer when practicing yoga, can also be very good air permeability. Some vests have brought my breast pad, you can save wear a sports bra layer of more trouble, some friends might worry about the vests exercise for a long time to catch a cold, this type of vest in the design, fully consider the wearer to the waist and shoulder protection, such as the wearer will consider in terms of the waist to the yoga when doing some forward bends or bend to fold can well protect the waist, on the shoulder, when you start up, your body has begun to work, even if only a short warm-up exercise, you may start to perspire slightly, this time, actually it is not easy to occur. The cold usually stand you get in the resin type ( Rest or great) The invasion of rapid cooling, body, when you can use the small towel draped over the shoulder. In the aspect of trousers; Shorts like yoga, yoga five points, seven points and nine grading type, should choose what kind of is beautiful, however, many people may think what can casually, in fact there are a lot of standards, however, 7 minutes of pants in the most appropriate, because the summer in 7 minutes of pants can observe your muscles tightening in hard, and your ankle, their careful observation can avoid it hurt, but also can protect the knees, it is not too hot, if not choose is tight, but must have a convergent, or do some leg action not convenient, here is a small make up recommend a few 7 minutes of pants.
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