How to choose according to exercise intensity sports fabrics

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-05-04
For sports fans, if is to wear at ordinary times, mostly through online or entity shop to buy, such as international sports brand adidas, Nike, domestic 361 degrees, anta, li ning, etc are sold online. , however, for some organizations to adopt this approach is not desirable, typically find sportswear manufacturers make to order, add a personalized logo, with some commonly in custom groups such as enterprises and institutions, school uniforms, different movement, however, to the requirement of the fabric is different also, according to the strength of the movement to select corresponding sportswear fabrics? 1, small movement, recommend cotton qualitative; Pure cotton fabrics, everyone close skin clear pure cotton fabrics, permeability is good, but after the sweat, are not easy to evaporation, and can stick in the body, is easy to deformation, so for small movement, small make up recommend this kind of fabric, the fabric of sportswear is very comfortable to wear, do not recommend using high intensity exercise. 2, the general movement, it is suggested that choose polyester fabrics; Adopt this kind of fabric is now most clothes fabrics, although this kind of fabric not pure cotton fabrics as easily absorbing water, but now a lot of clothes they will add a layer of network, also has the effect of moisture transmission, even after the movement sweating a lot, also can achieve the effect of moisture absorption perspiration, and not as sticky as pure cotton fabrics. 3, sports games, rich in spandex compositions blended fabrics; General large sports clothing will use this rich in fiber composition is the movement of the fabric, the fabric close air permeability and elastic.
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