How to buy yoga clothes?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-01-22
From the minority sports to the forefront of fashion, the charm of yoga has made more and more people move. Seek comfort and looseness. Echoing the convenience of meditation and meditation, comfort and looseness have become necessary conditions for yoga clothing. Chasing Zen fashion. In this year's summer posture, which is too strong to be opened in the east, the ZEN Style fashion that advocates simplicity and nature is also quietly blowing, with Indian-style loose-cut tops and loose trousers highlighted by ropes, linen, which is comparable to sportswear in comfort, is also a natural Zen spirit while being fashionable. F3 repair mix and match credits. At present, there is no professional yoga clothing brand in the market. For the fashion family, the mix and match philosophy that takes into account the actual combat and fashion needs has become a compulsory content, and it is also in line with the concept of wearing more clothes. Material: natural cotton and linen is undoubtedly, rough cotton and linen, not only has the original movement, but also a good thing to express Zen. In particular, those who are entangled with prominent cotton knots on the cloth surface have more simple nature and inner texture. Top: A coat that uses yoga more often does not have to be a Zen dress with a monk's robe. Temperament is the most important thing for taste. The emphasis is on spirituality, the understanding is comfortable, and the sensibility is Zen. Therefore, when buying a jacket, as long as you pay more attention to some small details, you can not only conform to Zen, but also add extra points to your beauty temperament.
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