how to buy a sports bra

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-11-17
Whether you are a fanatic who exercises regularly, a casual exerciser, or a woman who enjoys comfort, a high quality sports bra is a piece of clothing you should never have.
Once you \'ve tried the comfort of a sports bra, you\'ll want to wear it more than just exercise.
There are a few things to remember when buying a sports bra.
While they seem obvious, it is important to consider each factor before determining which sport bra is best for you.
The following table lists the key points that should be considered: the oCorrect sizeocolor fabric blendoMoisture quick dry war.
Once you have identified the option that best suits you, the only thing left is to go to the gym and be ready to exercise comfortably.
If you find your sports bra uncomfortable, it may be that you are not getting the right size.
When buying a sports bra, start with the size of your traditional bra.
Put it on and walk around.
Don\'t just move your arm or jog on the spot, but be tested.
Jump up and down, bend over and jump, usually really move left and right.
If you feel your breasts are not supported, or they seem to change the position of the bra when you move, you have a bra that is too big.
Try to reduce the size and repeat the test.
Sports bras that squeeze your chest too tight will make you uncomfortable and must be too small.
Try several different brands because the fit for each brand is slightly different.
For example, Nike sports bras have sizes, such as 34, and also have size names, such as small ones.
The same is true for underder sports bras and other brands.
The point is that the Nike sports bra small may not fit the same as the lower armour sports bra, so it is important to actually try different brands.
Once you have found the right size, what color is the next major obstacle.
Sports bras have a wide range of solid, pattern, mesh, contrast or pastel colors.
The sky is really the limit when choosing a color.
It is important to consider whether you wear a bra yourself or simply wear it on other t-shirts.
Remember that lighter colors and White will eventually get dirty with sweat and deodorant, no matter how fast you wash after exercise.
The fabric blendMost sports bra will be based on a mixture of polyester and spandex.
Nike offers 88% polyester and 12% elastic fibers for sports bras.
This combination is called \"Dri-
\"Fabric of the fit\", during the exercise, it absorbs moisture and provides a cool and dry effect.
The Under sports bra offers a heatstroke-proof fabric designed to take moisture away from the body.
Gear gear is a unique product that keeps athletes cool even in hot and humid exercise conditions.
Avoid sports bras with high cotton content.
Not only do they provide very little support, but they also gather moisture near your body, causing you to feel dick and uncomfortable sticky during exercise.
In addition to the fabric mix of the bra itself, check the texture and softness of the strap and the degree of closure.
Make sure they don\'t go deep into you when you move or bend.
The whole purpose of the sports bra is light weight, comfort, not to make you feel like you are wearing a chest protector while exercising.
If you \'ve been working out with a traditional or traditional sports bra, you don\'t know what you\'re missing.
A damp or sweaty bra is the answer to a cool and temperature-adjusted workout.
The fabric mixture used by Nike and Armour can actually remove moisture from the skin.
Not only does this help increase evaporation and allow the body to stay cool, it also prevents friction and friction, as moisture build-up is not allowed between the fabric of the bra and the sensitive skin.
There is no cotton in the fabric mixture, so there will be no moisture.
The smooth and smooth fabric of Nike sports bra and Armour sports bra is designed to provide maximum support and maximum moisture movement.
After exercising in a traditional sports bra, you will notice that the fabric has red lines and dents when rubbing or cutting on the skin.
This is because the bra needs to be tight to provide support.
The support of the moisture-wicking bra is just built into the fabric, and do not rely on the straps at the bottom to hold them tightly in place.
If you sweat during your workout, it\'s very worthwhile to invest in a wet sweat bra like Nike Dri --
Fabric or underarmor heat-proof clothing line suitable for sports bra.
Once you have tried these light weight, high quality and excellent support sports bras, you will always be fascinated.
After making all of these options, there are still some basic options when buying a sports bra.
Summary: Before you buy a sports bra, put on the sports bra first, jump around, make sure you feel supported while walking around, check for any friction or friction, see if there\'s anything that looks friction or scratch with the correct cup size and nothing will push up or take a few deep breaths back to make sure you\'re not too strict. Make sure this is a moisturizing sweat removal bra that keeps you cool even in the most intense work under the weapon make sure it doesn\'t rub your armpit area or cut too low, enough support cannot be provided. Don\'t buy a sports bra just because it\'s the right color or pattern, or match your fitness gear and buy a size that\'s too small to expect it to stretch.
Nike and the lower armour sports bra will maintain its shape and will not stretch or sag even after multiple washes.
Buy a sports bra that will rub or irritate you when it is difficult for you to get on and off, and buy a sports bra that you feel uncomfortable.
Comfort is important when you exercise.
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