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How the groom chooses the style that suits him when customizing his clothes - Ingor Sportswear Official Website

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-08-31
Married couples like to take wedding photos, and the groom's clothing customization is also the most popular. How should the groom's clothing be customized? Ingor sports clothing manufacturers teach you how to choose the most suitable clothing for you. Let you have a better image. First, people with plump clothes and body are suitable for wearing dark clothes. Thin people are suitable for wearing light-colored clothing. Also, many people have heard that fat people should wear vertical stripes. The saying that thin people should wear horizontal stripes. The width and color of the stripes play a decisive role. Taking the classic black as the main theme, black is not only a noble and elegant symbol, but also visually“thin”body effect. Second, clothing color and skin color clothing color matching must consider one's own skin color as a color matching condition. Asians are mostly yellow people. But yellow skin can also be due to genetics or natural conditions. The influence of living environment presents different color tendencies. Low-key gray as the main color, and adding dark stripes to create a top men's clothing. HANY Ares series clothing comes from the double guarantee of the world's highest quality fabrics and Italian pure handcrafted craftsmanship, showing the inherent noble temperament in a low-key manner. Third, with the bride's white wedding dress, the bride's wedding dress usually chooses the traditional style before the banquet of the modern wedding, and the color is mostly traditional white. The groom's team sportswear manufacturer customization is preferably a formal suit. The color of the groom's clothing should be darker, Hany Eros Blue Men's Clothing, using eternal blue for you to create a men's clothing comparable to Zegna's custom fashion, it has a perfect sense of coordination with the bride's white wedding dress.
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