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how shapewear works

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-26
From tights to billions of bodysuits, it has gone from lingerie choices for Victorian aristocratic women to universal fashion choices for anyone who wants to \"get rid of\" halfdozen pounds.
You can buy a shape garment to wear under the garment as a stand-alone garment (
Including underarm
Shorts and body tights)
Or look for clothing, such as swimsuits and clothing that combines the technology.
In fact, even men\'s fashion is beginning to embrace a more smooth shape that may provide a little elastic fiber.
Men can buy belly-
Flat underwear made of super fiber mixed with spandex.
Spanx\'s sales soared as everyone wanted to join the styling fashion.
In 2012, Blakely made his way to Forbes magazine\'s list of world billionaires.
However, as women embrace the real body and move towards more comfortable clothing, the body-shaped clothes may be abandoned halfway.
According to the New York Times, sales of women\'s body-shaping clothes fell 4% in 2015 from $0. 678 billion in 2014.
No one can deny that the body-shaped clothes are not comfortable and women are becoming more and more difficult to \"suffer for beauty \".
\"At the same time, so --
Known as \"sportswear\" like yoga pants and spandex leggings, offers some belly control, but in a more comfortable way, the market is exploding.
Women\'s Sportswear (
A category including sportswear)
It rose 8% from 2014 to 2015 to $15.
Sales 9 billion [Source: Tabuchi].
In fact, Spanx has been emphasizing comfort and shaping in recent marketing.
But as we know, fashion is cyclical, so the downturn in body-shaping may just be temporary.
While it is said that body-shaping clothes will have a negative impact on the image of the body, it is also said that body-shaping clothes will give women more confidence in themselves because they look smoother.
Self-confidence, whether it\'s squeezing out of your excess fat or embracing your real body, is always a good thing.
Although I didn\'t wear much plastic clothes in my life, my pants are really a little too small.
Let me tell you that undoing these and letting my belly free is one of the best feelings ever.
I can\'t imagine how happy those women in their 1800 s would be to undress at night!
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