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How many misunderstandings do you know about wearing women's underwear?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-17
Every woman, from girl to youth, middle-aged, and home, is naturally inseparable from women's underwear, so can you really wear women's underwear? Ingorsports has been a manufacturer of seamless knitted women's underwear in 17 years, combined with years of research on women's underwear, many women often fall into these major misunderstandings when choosing to wear women's underwear.

1. Is a women's underwear suitable for different outfits? I believe that when this point is brought up, everyone will deny it, but in fact there are still many MM who have not noticed this.

Just after the New Year, the weather is also hot and cold. I remember a few days ago, the temperature was low in the morning, and the temperature suddenly rose to nearly 30 degrees at noon. I was walking on the street and saw a woman who took off her coat and wore a shirt, but her cheeks were sweaty and her shirt was soaked. , the underwear inside is particularly conspicuous. This means that when I went out, I didn't expect the temperature to rise so high, and I chose a women's underwear to wear in a cold way, and the result was extremely embarrassing.

Nowadays, seamless knitted women's underwear is widely loved by everyone. For example, sports women's underwear is recommended to choose different styles for different sports. We can also choose some seamless thin women's underwear for daily wear, because it not only It will ensure you are comfortable and easy to wear, and it can also avoid some embarrassing situations. This kind of women's underwear, ingorsports recommends that it can be replaced in time according to the material and its own body shape.

2. Wear it for several days without changing it. This is not the case. Most women know that women's underwear should be changed and washed frequently, and one piece of women's underwear should not be worn for several days in a row. The first is that the human body sweats and perspires every day. Sweat stains on women's underwear, and the body temperature is easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, changing women's underwear frequently is also for the sake of health. ingorsports recommends that women's underwear should not be worn for two consecutive days, and it is recommended to change it once a day in summer.

3. Wear women's underwear while sleeping. There are still many people who are not sure about this, whether to continue to wear women's underwear when sleeping, some people continue to wear women's underwear when sleeping, saying that it is to shape the chest shape and not deform. It has a serious impact, because when a person is sleeping, if the breast is still compressed, it is easy to cause poor blood circulation in the breast, which is very unhealthy.

In addition, ingorsports has a relatively simple method for many MMs who do not know how to choose women's underwear Sized:

When choosing women's underwear, you can put on the underwear, raise your arms, lift up and down, and turn your body left and right to see if the women's underwear is weighed, and at the same time see how the chest feels. As for the cup size of women's underwear, it is better to store all the fat on the outer edge of the chest in the underwear according to the fit of the chest wall to the women's underwear.

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