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How is the price of custom-made sportswear calculated?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-15
When holding events, we often find manufacturers to customize some team clothing, and sportswear is a very suitable style, but as laymen, how can we know that the price the manufacturer gives us is the lowest? This requires us to have a general understanding of the cost of customized sportswear, that is, how the price of customized sportswear manufacturer is calculated. Customizing a sportswear involves consulting stage, design stage, production stage, distribution stage, and transaction stage. The main cost is generated in the design, production and distribution links. The following Ingor editor will introduce the price of custom-made sportswear. How is it calculated. Design stage: At this stage, if you have not designed a good style, you need our designers to design it for you. This is free. The real cost is the cost of making the board. Generally, a model needs 200 yuan, which is a pre-paid fee. Yes, if a deal is made, it will be returned to the consumer. Production stage: This stage is the stage where the main cost is incurred. The price depends on the factors of the fabric, the complexity of the workmanship, and the agreed delivery date. The shorter the period, the higher the price. Delivery stage: This stage is mainly about the transportation cost of sportswear. If you specify logistics, the price will be more expensive. Because the manufacturer has a cooperative logistics company, it has been negotiated in the early stage, so the price will be relatively the first point, and express delivery is also cheaper. Shipping is expensive. The price of customized sportswear is based on the cost of these five stages (including the cost of human and material resources), and then plus the profit.
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