How does ingor knitting of Guangzhou underwear factory make it more prosperous in the off-season than in the peak season?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-14
In 2017, Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports still remembers the period when everyone was rushing for thermal underwear products. Since the beginning of this year, ingorsports underwear factory has just started construction, and has received 500,000 urgent orders from old customers who have cooperated for many years. Some orders from other old customers have also come to the underwear factory to negotiate customer orders. Throughout the first half of the year, the ingorsports underwear factory has entered a new wave of busy times. So how does the ingorsports underwear factory make it more prosperous in the off-season than in the peak season?

In fact, the main reason that ingorsports can be more prosperous in the off-season than in the peak season is due to the forward-looking vision of the head of the underwear factory, the decision-maker Wang, who has accumulated over the years and can rely on the strong local seamless knitted underwear industry chain in Guangzhou. The advantages of popularity and the special geographical environment of Guangzhou, in addition, ingorsports also quickly seized the rapid development of e-commerce to improve the brand awareness of 'Van Xueer'.

In the past few days, many customers find ingorsports through the Internet or the storefront of Guangzhou International Trade City, and visit the underwear factory. When entering the production workshop, they can see the busy production scene of the underwear factory, and all kinds of machinery are running at full speed. . The online sales of ingorsports underwear factory are also busy with delivery every day.

Anyone who has been to the ingorsports showroom will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of clothes developed by the underwear factory. Although we claim that ingorsports is a manufacturer specializing in seamless underwear for 17 years, the products produced and developed by ingorsports are no longer limited to underwear. In a single category, there are many seamless knitted products including women's underwear, women's vests, sports coats, leggings and thermal underwear of various fabrics, styles and functions. In the first half of the year, ingorsports mainly produces and sells sports bras, underwear, and vests; in the second half of the year, it mainly produces and sells sports jackets, Womens sports leggings, thermal underwear, and lace shirts. At the same time, ingorsports is also equipped with two exhibition halls, both domestic and foreign trade. Combined with the combination of e-commerce and offline market stalls, the off-season will naturally not be short, and the peak season will be more prosperous, and customers will rush for goods.

In addition to Guangzhou's convenient logistics, perfect underwear processing industry chain, and ingorsports' flexible and fast mobility, it takes 3-5 days for each new model to be launched, so many seamless knitted underwear products produced by ingorsports will be well received by customers. Recognition, quickly seize the market.

All of these seize the opportunity and take advantage of the situation to create a situation where ingorsports underwear truly achieves a situation where the off-season is not low and the peak season is more prosperous! If you are also processing underwear in underwear manufacturers and want to know more about Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports, welcome to inquire!

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