How do tall men match sportswear?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-08-27
Tall and mighty is the figure that many men yearn for. The following editor will share with you the matching method of how tall men wear sports clothes, from the matching of tops to shoes, the overall feeling. A little help. Tall men are most suitable for wearing zippered sportswear, but the size must fit, it can be slightly smaller, which can highlight the thick chest, but pay attention to cover up the abdomen, otherwise it will look very rich, pay attention to pull the zipper at any time. The materials for sportswear manufacturer should be dark, and light-colored materials should be avoided. A vertical striped shirt with a pointed long collar is the most suitable. Brand-name clothing can reflect noble taste. If men don’t wear brand-name clothing, they only need to re-match their daily sportswear reasonably, with appropriate color and style. If you have some popular aesthetic vision, I believe you can also wear it differently. , elegant and fashionable. Thin stripes should not be used in the custom-made fabrics of sportswear manufacturer worn by tall and thin men, otherwise it will highlight the shortcomings of the figure. The plaid pattern is the best choice. The color of the top and trousers is contrasting, which is better than wearing a full set of sportswear, and the style of the zipper wide collar is more suitable. Wide-neck sportswear with a modest sports scarf, preferably a small triangular or vertical pattern, plus a lapel vest for a more bulky fit. The trousers should have obvious pleats and folds, and use sneakers to add a sense of solidity. The above are the tips shared by the editor about how tall men should wear sportswear. I hope it will be useful to you. In fact, tall men are also easy to match with sportswear manufacturer, because it will give people a very sunny temperament. About other The way to match the figure, the editor will continue to introduce it to you in future articles, so stay tuned. (track and field suit)
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