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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-15
Before the Spring Festival, Xiao Li talked to Ingor twice about the company's plan to transform into an e-commerce business, but there has been no concrete implementation of how to transform it, what products to make, and whether to promote or release products first. Not long ago, Xiao Li asked another boss who made sportswear customization to discuss cooperating in making products, selecting styles and designs together, and then proofing. However, there is a certain controversy about which style of clothing to choose. In addition, there are different ideas on whether to make samples first or recruit personnel first. So, they asked how Ingor should operate. Ingor 's suggestion is that if there is enough funds, of course, recruit staff to do basic promotion work first; if you feel that the funds are not enough, you can first select models and proofing, and determine the products to be made. , the motivation to do things will increase with commodities, otherwise it will always stay in the stage of discussion. Because everyone's company has a lot of trivial things to do, while doing traditional business, while thinking about this new plan, there will be a situation where a new idea emerges. In any industry, as long as you do a certain amount of time, there will be bottlenecks. Just like a person's career planning, no matter what job you do, you will encounter seemingly insurmountable bottlenecks. No matter how good a brand is, there will be times when it will die, unless it is constantly innovating. Every dynasty in China, no matter who is in power, hopes to establish a long-term future, but which dynasty can achieve a long-term future, let alone a long-term business. The problem with sports uniforms is that every company has a lucrative job on hand. Whether it is the traditional sportswear manufacturer customization business or the hotel uniform customization, it is currently making money continuously, and there are still many old customers that need to be maintained. It's just that when the bricks of Internet+ are smashed, we all find that not playing the Internet seems to be outdated, and we can't do it. Traditional business has encountered a bottleneck, and there is no way to overcome it. It's like climbing a mountain. When you get to the middle of the mountain, you encounter problems. The problem is not the slope itself, but the people who are climbing the mountain. Their physical fitness cannot keep up, and they are afraid of heights. Those who climb to the top of the mountain have better conditions than themselves. Many people Just like this, he stayed halfway up the mountain and hesitated. Regardless of whether it is the chicken or the egg, the important thing is to continue to produce eggs and sell them. Therefore, those who have money buy chickens first, and those who have no money buy eggs first. Chickens can lay many eggs directly, and eggs can also hatch into chickens. The product is released first, and trial and error can be used to reduce twists and turns. Or sell other people's clothing first, think it is feasible, and then produce and process the clothing you want to make yourself, which is more reliable, slow, and has no money. But no matter which option it is, it is feasible. The key is to take action first and correct mistakes later. When we design sportswear suits, we mainly consider three factors, one is style, the other is fabric, and the third is positioning. The design of sportswear suits cannot be hurriedly designed just based on personal hobbies, but must go through long-term accumulation, keep up with the trend of the times, cater to the public's aesthetic concepts, etc. Only in this way can the designed sportswear suits be accepted by the public and compared. Good deal. The choice of fabrics is also very elegant. What kind of fabrics should be used for sportswear suits on any occasion, and cannot be used indiscriminately. Positioning is also very important. Don’t buy sportswear suits with very poor quality but at the price of Nike and Adi. This way, consumers will definitely not pay the bill, and they also don’t want very good sportswear quality. The price is very low, and manufacturers can’t accept it. Related recommendation: manufacturers
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