how comics can channel your inner superhero

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-10-13
\'I’m the Hulk! \"My fouryear-
When the old son was angry
When he wanted to be my little hero and pack up, he was Spider-Man, shooting silk from his pajamas sleeve and shaking \"naughty villain Lego\" back into the box.
When he has friends coming over, I often take the paint out of my face, but I don\'t like red and black from drawing so many spider webs to chubby faces.
Although most of these children are too small for comics and cartoons, they have been drawn to the powerful image of superheroes.
But, like many women, I\'m a little vague about the topic of these strange men in tights.
I have a vivid memory of a primary school teacher grabbing a comic book and laughing at them \"for little boys who don\'t have enough imagination to see pictures in their heads \". It’s a closed-
I\'m afraid I\'m considered a little fool. two-
Shoes with \"fit\" book shelves.
Later, I was rejected by violent and absurd, unchanged female body shape.
It is true that these people also boast about the figure they can\'t get, but these muscles are practical assets for professional fighters.
There\'s no basketball chest.
Wonder Woman needs sports bra
I\'m waiting in vain for more aerodynamics platformsChested Woman.
So I \'ve been trying to figure out how to get in touch with my son\'s passion to highlight the positive side of his beloved plastic man.
That\'s how I met a superhero.
This is a psychotherapy campaign using comics.
Help children identify and deal with their emotional problems.
How the comics became part of Robert Galbraith\'s silkworm: Geek\'s decision to take over London in a recent psychological article, Dr. Janina Scarlet wrote, depression and post
Trauma Stress Disorder in comics to see how superheroes can change the trauma of their early life (
Most superheroes lose their parents)
And use their experience to lead a very productive life.
In recent years, the concept has been supported by American psychologist Patrick O\'Connor, who has tapped the concept while working with foster children.
He found out that they had something to do with the story that Dick Grayson would live with Bruce Wayne after his family was killed.
Batman, who is essentially Robin\'s stepfather, shows O\'Connor how foster fathers can be an inspiring protective force.
Meanwhile, in the UK, a retired school consultant at reading has just published a book designed to help children find their inner superheroes.
Megan Green told me that she used this simple story when Charlie wanted to help the children face \"all sorts of fears and fears, negative emotions and low self\"esteem”.
John Dunning, comic writer and curator of the British Library\'s comic reveal show, told me that superheroes are a way for people of all ages to explore emotions: \"They are prototypes that resonate with us.
Just as the ancient Greeks and Romans followed certain gods in pantheism to meet different needs, it can reveal who responded to which character.
He also told me that when Americans created God,
Like superheroes, it was British writers who revived the form in their 80 s: \"Alan Moore and Grant Morrison saved the sick superhero genre by exploring their weaknesses
No matter what happens to Alan Moore to the people of tomorrow, there is an iconic scene where Superman sits alone in bed crying.
This is his side that the reader has never seen before.
\"This frame is in the exhibition: the head of Superman is in his hands;
The muscles hardly hold the weight of his sorrow.
When I looked at it, I felt more reassured that there was more to be found in my son\'s hat collection.
I can tell him that the superhero will be sad, will get lost, and will need friends.
Comic exposure continued until August 19.
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