How can underwear manufacturers properly and effectively protect the underwear OEM processing market?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-29
Nowadays, with the development of the Internet and the high circulation of information, the underwear OEM processing market has also changed. In the past, because of the wrong information, most underwear manufacturers only needed to recruit some agents and be a first-class underwear agent. Today, many underwear manufacturers Manufacturers have launched e-commerce network marketing, and directly face customers through online underwear manufacturers, which can be either first-level agents or end-customer groups. So for some agency distributors, is it necessary for underwear manufacturers to provide them with regional protection? The answer is yes.

For underwear manufacturers, the target customers are naturally agents, distributors, franchisees and wholesalers, the better. One of the biggest advantages of the factory is the production and processing capacity. Nowadays, most underwear manufacturers use machine processing and personnel to work on the assembly line. Therefore, the more single-volume demand, the more convenient the underwear manufacturer's operation, and the lower the corresponding cost. Therefore, for most underwear manufacturers to provide underwear OEM processing services, they all require a certain minimum order quantity, and direct individualized production cannot currently meet the demand. Then for the underwear agents, distributors, franchisees or wholesalers who have strength and strong will, the factory also provides regional protection for them as much as possible. So how can underwear factories effectively protect the underwear OEM processing market?

First of all, the underwear factory chooses agents, distributors, franchisees or large underwear wholesalers to choose the kind of strength or chain stores to cooperate with each other. The credibility of each other is very important. Distributors, joining commercial special brands, including styles and prices are not the same. There are also many customers who have their own brands, and only need OEM, so for such large customers, we can provide customers with style protection.

Secondly, when underwear manufacturers show their factories through the Internet, for those who find factories through the Internet and other channels, they should also know the location of the customer before cooperation and whether there are local distributors of underwear manufacturers. If so, you can advise him. Go to the distributor to get the goods, or rebate to the distributor, this customer is also counted in the distributor's name.

In order to effectively protect the underwear OEM market, underwear manufacturers should also understand some potential small customers based on the actual situation, and should appropriately support some potential small customers with potential, because in the future such customers will also be The backbone customers of underwear manufacturers.

So, underwear manufacturers who want to effectively protect the underwear OEM OEM market must pay attention to the reality, keep pace with the times, and don't be greedy for temporary benefits, which will cause the agents and distributors who cooperate with you to leave. For customers who already have agents or distributors in the region, if there are more customers who directly find underwear manufacturers through the Internet to act as agents or distributors, the manufacturers should pay more attention and review the ruling.

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