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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-15
When we are reading, we use the pen most of the time, because about half of the day is in class. When we are studying, our favorite clothing is sportswear, and school uniforms are also a kind of sportswear manufacturer. Careless friends will always get the ink of the signature pen on the clothes. Then, when the sportswear is scratched by the signature pen How can I wash it off? Below, the editor of Ingor will share some tips for your reference. First, pour the alcohol on the scratches of the fountain pen on the clothes. Each scratch should be evenly covered with alcohol, and the alcohol should be medical alcohol with a concentration of not less than 75%. Put the side of the clothes on which the alcohol is poured up, and try not to touch the other sides of the clothes, otherwise the color of the imprint of the pen or ballpoint pen may stain other parts of the clothes. Use an ordinary washbasin, prepare most of the basin of water, and then pour the bleaching water full of two bottle caps into the clean water, pay attention to it must be full of two bottle caps. Stir it along, and then add a little washing powder. You can control the amount yourself. After that, stir a little so that the washing powder can be fully dissolved in the water. Then soak the clothes completely in water for twenty minutes. When the time is up, wash the clothes as normal so that there are no scratches at all! The above is the method shared by the editor about how to wash the sportswear when it is drawn with a signature pen. In fact, the best way is to prevent it, because it is better to plan ahead. When writing, we can use the kitchen sleeves to cover the sleeves of the clothes, because Sleeves are the easiest place to scratch.
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