How are materials used by Ingor Sportswear for producing bra of ladies ?
Compared with all the materials of other bra of ladies in the marketplace, Guangzhou Ingor Sportswear Co.,Ltd. chooses the most exquisite and dependable one. If low and cheap materials are adopted, the quality and long service life of the product can't be guaranteed. We have been placing a great deal of investment inthe use of great materials.

Ingor Sportswear is one of the leading manufacturers for producing wholesale women's shorts. The tank top is one of the main products of Ingor Sportswear. The product is extremely durable and nonporous. It is processed under a high firing temperature which eliminates all water bubble and air. With superior material, our women's sports bra are comfortable. The product is full of economic benefits, bringing considerable profits to customers. Our custom activewear are known for various styles, fine detail and craftsmanship.

Our resolve is to build Ingor Sportswear into a leading tank top manufacturer. Contact!
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