how a calvin klein scent is set to trap a killer cougar

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-10
For two years, Indian wildlife officials have been hunting a female tiger accused of killing 13 people.
Now, in their desperation, they turned to an unusual but tempting bait: Calvin Klein\'s scent obsession.
According to the New York Times,year-
It is said to be behind the killing of villagers in the central Indian region of panda haqqada.
So far, her efforts to capture her have failed.
Authorities are trying to track and transfer her with camera traps, hunters, elephants and drones.
According to The Daily Telegraph, Chief forest conservation officer A. K. Misra said: \"We are concerned that T1 is completely elusive and does not even approach the bait it kills . \".
The dispute over whether the animal was trapped or killed has entered the Supreme Court, which ruled that the animal should be destroyed if it proves difficult to be caught.
Officials pinned their hopes on Calvin Klein\'s perfume and two special Italian sniffing dogs.
Obsession contains civet, a synthetic scent extracted from the civet species that is known to drive large cats wild.
\"I know, it\'s really interesting,\" forest officer Sunil Limaye told the New York Times . \".
\"But what are we going to do?
The Guardian reported that \"the obsession with the power to attract big cats was initially established by experiments at the Bronx Zoo in 2003.
Obsession has been used to capture at least two other tigers in India, it said.
The perfume was first used by a veterinarian and former zoo administrator HS Prayag.
It is well known that Chanel 5 is also working, \"but because it is expensive, I use CK obsession,\" he said \".
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