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how a calvin klein designer started his own floral design business

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-11
In Japan\'s world view known as wabi
Sabi, art is characterized by asymmetry and imperfections. Wabi-
Sabi is rooted in Buddhist teachings about suffering and impermanence, which are subsequently applied to poetry, pottery, design, or floral arrangements.
There is an art called flower arrangement.
It\'s a floral design style, based on which Fernando kabiting of the Brooklyn florist previously worked as an accessory designer in Calvin Klein, his company FDK Florals.
Kabigting explores the idea of wabi
Sabi and flower arrangement practice when traveling to Japan this fall.
They traveled with his partner Go Kasai to the suburbs of Tokyo, Kyoto and Yokohama to spend time with master flower arrangement to learn how the Japanese flower arrangement reflects the surrounding natural environment.
Kabigting explained that the flowers in Japan come from nature.
\"But this is what they think of nature,\" he said. \"Whether it\'s a crooked branch or a leaf on the verge of death, stick to it for a lifetime --
Next to it is a very vibrant Vine.
Kabigting is telling his travel story from inside Bedford
He lives with Kasai and their puppies.
The building is located on a row of historic gray buildings, and most of the interior of his home has more or less retained the original building --
There is a French door frame between the living room and the kitchen, and a small corner with stained glass windows.
At his table: a pool of galvanized jars and glass vases with red rose buds, honeysuckle berries and flowers on a ginkgo tree outside his house.
He grabbed one of these, one of them, sat next to his coffee table and sorted out an arrangement.
Stone base-
He said he bought it at Calvin Klein.
There is a small tool called kenzan inside to fix the branches and stems.
Cut the ends, he put the ginkgo next to the mushrooms he was feeding at his friend\'s house in the north, pointing at them. See?
Beauty of traditionthe flower —
The stuff next to it is a bit rough-
Old mushrooms. Asymmetry. Imperfection.
Kabigutin started his fashion career when he lived in Los Angeles in the early days of Auggie.
Before moving to New York in 2010, he worked in BCBG for three years.
As soon as he got there, he was walking around, dabbling in marketing, working for a non-profit organization, then Lifeng, and finally Calvin Klein, where he was not profitableprice division.
He then worked for other brands but was recalled to work in Calvin Klein\'s contemporary market.
By then, Raf Simons had boarded the plane at the fashion company.
\"The new direction of Raf is exciting and I want to be a part of it,\" explained Kabigting . \" He added that the company allowed its creative team and designers to move freely during the dayto-day activities.
\"One day my whole team will probably go [travel]art museum]
\"DIA: The lighthouse, it\'s inspired,\" he said . \".
\"You can interact with your factory overseas and take the samples you receive.
Or you\'re just cutting leather.
Kabigting was interested in flower language and set design even before he came to New York --
Living in an attic in downtown Los Angeles. A.
On 2009, he had a party with Kasai that they wanted to attend.
Tie the branches from the tree to the bare tube and tie the fishing line to the tree so they float above the guest.
At Calvin Klein, he practiced his love of arrangement by sending flowers to colleagues on their birthdays and leaving stems on people\'s tables.
He decided to try to pursue flowers in January, and by the time he decided to leave Calvin Klein\'s position to make FDK flowers his whole --time job.
Since then, Kabigting has created floral arrangements for Gucci\'s party celebrating its tie
Along with Dapper Dan, also for pop music
SoHo store in Totokaelo.
In addition, he worked with Google to participate in some of the company\'s events and regularly worked with influencer Nam Vo, known for making Kylie Jenner\'s makeup.
However, his regular job is to lead a workshop at Ninety8, the urban outdoor event space in Williamsburg --
There, he teaches the philosophy of how interested parties arrange and insert flowers.
Kabigting said his attention span was short, which may explain his tendency to jump from one line of work to another.
But he says that this frame of thinking allows him to be creative about his arrangements, tell stories in color and texture, and make something that can be appreciated from multiple angles.
\"I don\'t look at commercials, I don\'t read a book from one page to the other --
\"I will go back,\" he said . \".
\"With a movie, so do I.
I started at the end.
Whether it\'s the idea of this control, or whatever else, I like to be immediately interested.
I like this beautiful idea.
This is a complete style thing.
You are very excited about the celebration.
\"That\'s how fashion is for me.
The way I design the products and handbags, I did the same with the flowers.
You appreciate the long neck of the stem as you appreciate the beautiful straps and the way it falls on your shoulders.
Kabigting said that he still gets the opportunity to work in fashion from time to time --
Sometimes he will consult the brand and even design the handbag.
He hasn\'t completely left the fashion industry yet, but he will definitely focus on FDK, which has been a huge success over the past seven months.
He said that when he started his company, he set a soft target and achieved it in the first six months.
With the support and interest of the client, he is able to make more trips
His 2019 goal is to travel around the world, learn other forms of flower design, and discover new wildlife varieties, including in his arrangement.
Maybe he will get more knowledge similar to wabi.
Sabi and flower arrangement.
\"I hope to be able to learn and see some of them,\" he explained . \".
\"I want to know more about the products.
It has so many fresh things.
So early-
I don\'t know. honeymoon?
Although excited, it continues.
To some extent, I kept that moment.
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