Holding hands starts from thermal underwear, love starts from thermal underwear

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-05-18
This is a season that lacks color embellishments. The cold winter has come. A pink fashion seamless thermal underwear and a trench coat break the monotonous colors of this season. What is she looking for? In the distance, he was running all the way with a new thermal underwear in his hand, waving his hand...

What attracted him was the moment when he looked back with true affection, he looked at her and his heart slammed, watching her stomping her feet gently, sighing, and feeling pity... He thought for a long time, he was in 17 years Now the factory is vigorously producing thermal underwear. The quality of thermal underwear products is still good. Many employees of the underwear factory wear their own products. Suddenly he thought of why not send two sets of their underwear factory in the cold weather. Thermal underwear for her?

He thought about it for a long time, and felt that it was a bit awkward to give her two sets of thermal underwear for the first time. Later, he thought of customizing a special gift box. First, he put a set of pink thermal underwear that he thought was pretty good. . After he met her, he handed it to her, she took it and held it to her chest, and ran away with a smile... He was sweet...

The wind gently kissed her cheek, the sun was like a baby who didn't wake up, quietly revealing half of her face from the clouds, under the sunlight, her cheeks were slightly flushed, pink thermal underwear Wrapping her graceful figure, she looked so perfect and beautiful... A strand of blue silk was draped around the collar of the thermal underwear. She stroked her hair with her hands, creating a beautiful picture that attracted everyone's attention. and envious eyes.

Indeed, you are right, a fashionable seamless thermal underwear warms not only her body, but also her heart, being with him makes her feel warm! The other thermal underwear he sent later is simple and elegant. The bamboo fiber material is also a new type of thermal underwear with a constant temperature of 37 degrees pushed by the underwear factory this year. It is a thermal underwear that breathes very comfortably, so that the love that loves him will be in this harsh winter. no longer cold.

In every day of thanksgiving and blessings, pick a fashionable seamless knitted thermal underwear for your beloved one, no need to express too much, this is only a secret between us.

There is a kind of love called silent, and there is a kind of love called heart-to-heart. Love her and send her a thermal underwear to make her feel the warmth you bring her in this cold winter.

Hand in hand starts from thermal underwear, love starts from thermal underwear!

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