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His/her jersey for the custom should note those problems?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-04-04
When you buy a product, if you have purchased, even if the price is more expensive, I believe you can still some money to buy; If not conform to the requirements of window, again how to also won't buy cheap. If you want to buy the old mobile phone, and the salesman recommended you buy gold iPhone5C local tyrants, even if again how cheap, also can't buy, not appropriate with the requirements of the elderly; Buy goal is clear, will place an order, choose cycling jerseys, too, want to accord with their requirements, can we truly affordable. Can be customized cycling jerseys should have what kind of requirements? Is like ordinary clothes, tube he is professional, just bought it. Professional custom cycling jerseys can't literally to cope with, should have three layers, both sweat, insulation, climate protection layer; Climate protection layer, or outer layer, cover and protect all other levels. If outdoor is very damp, the protective layer must be waterproof, in order to avoid moisture under the invasion of other levels, and it should be windproof, prevent air convection heat loss. Insulation: the main role is to block in air, the air is an excellent insulating barrier, not heat conduction. Insulation layer in perspiration, usually made of synthetic materials, because of the composite materials can also keep the insulation in damp circumstances. Sweat layers: inner layer, should be worn close to the skin, the task is through capillary action khan gas out of the body, will be caused by khan gas conduction of heat loss to a minimum. Effect layer should have good perspiration permeability and do not absorb moisture. With the requirements of the above is the true professional cycling jerseys, not have three layers, it is difficult to is in the process of riding bike personnel enjoy the professional protective effect; For the product can't blind to buy, targeted to a certain extent, this is the right choice of products. Besides riding is the main protection of cycling personnel, should be more careful to buy regular professional.
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