High traffic costs underwear factory drainage ingor knitting teaches you 3 strategies to attract traffic

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-18
With more and more underwear factories processing online marketing, underwear manufacturers participate in online marketing, and it is inevitable to start an Internet business without traffic. Websites or platforms without traffic are all empty talk. In the face of today's traffic costs are getting higher and higher Now, what should the underwear factory do? Is there a good drainage strategy? Ingorsports has been a manufacturer of seamless underwear for 17 years, and teaches you 3 strategies to attract traffic to help you get orders easily.

1. Underwear manufacturers can choose one or two women's underwear products as drainage models, and exchange profits for traffic.

Underwear manufacturers can choose one or two women's underwear products, and use these women's underwear products as drainage products to minimize profits, which is what we call drainage models to attract a large number of customers.

We know that there are Walmart supermarkets offline that focus on 'everyday low pricesProfitable goods.

Underwear manufacturers can also learn such methods, especially when they are launched on some platforms, they can apply this method, select several women's underwear products as drainage models, and do a good job in associated marketing of related products.

2. Underwear manufacturers can adopt some convenient ways for customers to exchange traffic with convenience.

Underwear manufacturers can provide some small conveniences to customers by doing some activities to stimulate users to choose to buy your products.

Nowadays, many people in rural areas like to hold weddings at home, and it is very lively for relatives and friends to gather together, but there is a problem that there are usually not so many tableware to use at home, it is wasteful to buy directly, and it is not worth if you don’t buy it. use. A company that sells tableware has come up with an idea. As long as consumers buy disinfection cabinets or other products at a certain price in their home, they can provide a complete set of tables, chairs and tableware for banquets for free. One-stop service.

Similarly, underwear manufacturers can also adopt this strategy when they are engaged in online marketing. For example, if a customer buys one of your underwear products online, they can add a guide to add how much money, or take pictures of another product. You can offer discounts or give away products, which can also attract a large number of customers to buy.

3. Underwear manufacturers can use 'exposed models' to exchange traffic with high-frequency products.

If the underwear manufacturer has been engaged in online marketing for a period of time, you will find out which product is more popular in your online store. You can select this women's underwear product with a higher consumption frequency and let a part of the profit go to the customer. , let users choose yours first when choosing similar products.

No matter which method is used to help the underwear factory to drain traffic online, it must do a good job of service, and usually summarize more, what problems have the guests concerned about, how did the customer service respond, and how did the underwear factory solve these problems? Do it well, and gradually form brand marketing. In this way, the relative drainage cost will be reduced a lot in the future. This is why it is easier for many underwear manufacturers to do online marketing to a certain extent.

Therefore, underwear manufacturers engaged in online marketing, want to quickly increase the sales of underwear factories, must be inseparable from traffic, learn to use the lowest cost to attract the largest traffic, and ultimately create their own traffic portal is very important .

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