high-impact exercise may be best bone-builder

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-27
New research suggests that men who want to keep their bones strong may want to increase their running in their daily workouts.
In a study of 42 athletes between the ages of 19 and 45, the researchers found that running seems to be more beneficial to bone mass than strength training.
Runners and weight trainers have higher spine bone density compared to road cyclists, but most of the benefits of weight trainers seem to come from their larger muscle mass.
In contrast, running seems to increase bone density regardless of the muscle mass of men.
\"The results of this study confirm resistance training and high
\"Impact endurance activity increases bone density,\" said Pamela S, a senior researcher.
The assistant professor at Columbia University of Missouri, Hinton, said in a university press release.
\"However,\" she added, \"Gao
Affect sports, like running, seems to have a greater beneficial effect.
Hinton and her colleagues reported the findings in the Journal of power and regulation research.
Bone is a living tissue that reacts to movement by becoming stronger.
The movement that forces the body to fight gravity --
Like running, jumping and weight training
Is the most effective.
By contrast, low
Impact activities such as cycling or swimming have relatively little pressure on bones.
In this study, cyclists often had the lowest bone density in all measured body parts. That sports-
Once Hinton\'s team took the men\'s muscle mass into account, the associated differences did decrease;
Muscle mass in general
Or weight-
Bone mass will also increase.
However, even with muscle mass in mind, spine bone density is still higher for weight lifting instructors and runners.
The effect of running seems to have nothing to do with muscle mass.
Hinton recommends that athletes participate in low levels
Shock sports such as swimming, cycling and boating add weight
Activities that affect their exercise.
Targeting the muscles of the whole body is the key, she noted.
\"Exercise items that increase bone strength should be designed using known bone responses to movement,\" Hinton said . \".
\"Only bone parts that experience increased exercise pressure will become stronger.
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