Have you ever seen the life of such employees in Guangzhou Underwear Factory?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-21
Guangzhou ingorsports has been a manufacturer of medium and high-end underwear for 17 years, with a daily output of more than 60,000 pieces of medium and high-end underwear. The reason why it works so efficiently is because the underwear factory pays more attention to humanistic care in addition to scientific management. There are a group of young and energetic employees in the underwear factory. The underwear factory has always insisted that every employee can 'get, learn, and be happy!' '

Take the ingorsports e-commerce department as an example. The e-commerce department is located on the 3rd floor of the luxurious office building of ingorsports. Once you enter the 3rd floor entrance, there is a spacious and bright rest area, equipped with table tennis and billiards tables, and a special rest area on the side, sofas, tables and chairs! The tall and bright floor-to-ceiling windows look up to the bustling streets in the distance, with cars coming and going.

Holding a cup of tea, turning two pages of a small book, and listening to songs in peace... It's like being in another world.

Every day at noon, after the meal, the underwear factory has a rest time for a period of time, where there are active young men and girls from the e-commerce department. In the game of masters, the winner is between the club and the racket. You won't be happy if you win, and you won't be upset if you lose! Everyone here is just to release energy and relax.

There is not only one environment like the underwear factory. Many places are equipped with places for employees to rest and entertain. For example, in the small garden not far downstairs of the underwear factory, there are green trees and green grass all year round. Yin, a pool of clear water, the fish swim freely. After dinner or after get off work, it is also a rare pleasure for about three or two colleagues to play in the small garden of the underwear factory.

Small bridge with clear water and green trees! Walking into the small garden of the underwear factory, you will feel refreshed both physically and mentally!

In the underwear factory, there are far more places for employees to relax and entertain, such as the spacious basketball court of the underwear factory, and there are often active employees of the underwear factory!

It is precisely because the underwear factory always cares about the life of its employees and reflects humanistic care everywhere. As a member of ingorsports underwear factory, as ingorsports people - I am proud!

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