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Have you ever seen the e-commerce department of a seamless underwear factory hold a morning class like this?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-24
Guangzhou ingorsports seamless underwear factory has been a professional manufacturer of seamless underwear series products such as sports bras, body underwear, knitted camisole, 5/7 pants, yoga clothes for women clothes, sportswear manufacturer and other seamless underwear products for 17 years! Because of focus, so professional! Ingorsports underwear factory's own brand 'Van Xueer' sells well all over the world and is deeply loved by the public, and all this is due to the continuous changes of ingorsports underwear factory.

As a newly grown department of ingorsports underwear factory, the e-commerce department has grown rapidly under the attention of Mr. Wang of the knitted underwear factory. After just one year of development, the e-commerce department of the knitted underwear factory has grown from the original Xiaonan to one person. Today's 10 people are divided into three businesses: Alibaba department, Ali international station department and official website department. How to improve the morale and work efficiency of the e-commerce department of the knitted underwear factory has always been something that President Wang wants to grasp.

(Picture 1) Manager Qiu of the knitted seamless underwear factory presided over the first morning meeting of the e-commerce department of the ingorsports underwear factory, and everyone was listening intently.

After the beginning of the year, because of chance, Manager Wang of the knitted underwear factory attracted the former manager Qiu of Shanren Information. Qiu Jing has now been training the industry for 4 years. After in-depth communication with Manager Wang, Manager Qiu decided if he wanted to change For the staff of the e-commerce department of the knitted underwear factory, the change also begins with the establishment of rules.

ingorsports seamless underwear factory's e-commerce department used to be more free to go to work. Obviously, they went to work at 8:30 in the morning, but some people arrived at the company at 8:40 and some at 9:00. The staff was lazy, morale was low and muddy. Therefore, to change the current situation of the knitted underwear factory, we should start from work attendance, introduce the habits of the sales company to hold morning meetings in the morning and evening meetings, show team morale, read sheepskin rolls and other links.

(Picture 2) Smile, work happily and make money happily from now on.

The sound of reading aloud seems to have returned to the school days... 'Today, I want to start a new life, today, I want to climb out of the calluses full of failure trauma...'

How about it, it must be a happy thing to work in such an underwear factory.

For more information about ingorsports seamless underwear factory, please continue to contact ingorsports news, hotline: 13777902292 (Mr. Ding)

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