half of girls avoid secondary school sports due to concerns about their breasts, research finds

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-08
The study found that up to half of middle school girls actively avoid exercise due to embarrassment or pain caused by breasts, and need better advice to wear bras.
Of the more than 2,000 girls surveyed by academics, few know which bra to wear and few know how to avoid breast pain while exercising.
Results obtained from female students aged 11 to 17 found that 3-
Of those surveyed, at least some were concerned about their breasts, including embarrassment when they changed due to exercise and pain during exercise.
According to data from the University of Portsmouth breast health research group, their concerns peaked at 14, and 87 said they wanted to learn more about breast health.
The result may explain why in 14-year-
Older girls in the UK did not do enough exercise to reach the recommended level of activity.
Researchers from Portsmouth University, Twickenham University of St. Mary and Chichester University conducted the study together, the first such product in the UK to study the impact of breasts on female students participating in sports or exercise.
\"Adolescence is a very difficult age for young girls, so it\'s an important opportunity for us to see where their concerns are,\" Dr. Nikolai Brown said . \", A lecturer and a colleague from St. Mary
Author of the report.
\"We are really surprised to find that so many girls are embarrassed or worried about their breasts and have an impact on their level of activity.
What we want to work on is to have schools educated about breast support issues and try to help articulate all these physical activity barriers.
\"We know that girls tend to drop out of school at this time, so if there\'s something we can do to increase their knowledge of breast health and good bra accessories, then there\'s a need to wear a sports bra, hopefully we can reduce these obstacles.
\"Only 10 per cent of the girls interviewed said they always wear sports bras when exercising, although studies have shown that using the right sports bra, regardless of breast size, can relieve pain.
Larger breasts-D-
Cup and above-it is more likely to opt out of exercise and exercise at all, and about the girls surveyed admitted that they did not think they could exercise because their breasts were too large.
According to this report, the breast moves 21 cm in a single number during exerciseof-eight pattern.
It caused about three months of pain.
This makes it more likely for girls to opt out of sports.
Sports bra can reduce breast movement of AA-cup to G-cup breasts.
If breast movement is not reduced, it is possible to cause irreparable damage to the fragile Cooper ligament, resulting in sagging breasts.
Professor Joanna Scurr, who leads the breast health research group, said: \"Previous studies of adult women have repeatedly shown that the same problem is directly responsible for women who no longer participate in physical exercise or exercise.
\"Even worse, as scientists, we know that proper breast support can reduce or even eliminate problems associated with breast movement during exercise.
All that is needed is better education, preferably during puberty for all girls.
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