Guarantee customer delivery time, women's underwear manufacturer ingor knitting insists on doing these 3 points

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-05-24
As long as the new styles of women's underwear can keep up with the market rhythm and the quality is excellent, women's underwear manufacturers will be very busy this season. So at this time, the more busy women's underwear manufacturers are in production, how to ensure the delivery of customer orders is a test of the factory's management and coordination capabilities. Guangzhou women's underwear manufacturer ingorsports has always been known for 'integrity management' in the underwear processing industry! We promise that the customer's delivery time must be 100% guaranteed. In order to ensure the customer's delivery time, the women's underwear manufacturer ingorsports insists on doing these three points well.

1. Women's underwear manufacturer ingorsports makes a perfect production plan every month.

To ensure the delivery of women's underwear, underwear manufacturers need to have a perfect plan. To formulate a women's underwear processing plan, ingorsports usually arranges a monthly production plan at the end of the month according to different women's underwear styles, the production situation of the previous month, and the production situation of the same season last year and the previous year.

2. Newly developed customer-made women's underwear, the first cooperation priority to arrange orders.

Nowadays, maintaining an old customer is not easy, and developing a new customer is even more difficult. The high-speed flow of information in the Internet age. There are more opportunities and convenience for custom-made women's underwear to choose from manufacturers, so it is very important to let new customers choose to cooperate with you. Then ingorsports will prioritize orders for some newly developed customers and provide customers with services in the fastest way, so that customers can understand the processing quality and service capabilities of underwear manufacturers.

3. Underwear manufacturers divide customers into A, B, C, D grades.

Long-term cooperation, potential and serious old customers of women's underwear, Guangzhou women's underwear manufacturer ingorsports will also give priority to arranging production orders, which can effectively ensure the timely and stable supply of long-term old customers who cooperate with women's underwear manufacturer ingorsports.

In addition, for high-quality old customers occasionally need to rush a batch of orders due to special circumstances, the factory ingorsports will also give priority. Although underwear manufacturers are very busy in production and processing, they occasionally insert one or two orders, and underwear manufacturers step up and rush to make them.

Because of this, ingorsports, the women's underwear manufacturer, has been fulfilling customer orders according to the plan, quality and quantity, and delivery time; with integrity, Cigna has left a good reputation in the underwear processing industry!

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