Guangzhou underwear manufacturers decrypt popular MM women's underwear should start from these 2 points

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-21
Nowadays, there are more and more women's underwear styles, and the selection is often dazzling. There are always several women's underwear that are sought after by people and become popular. Ingorsports, a Guangzhou underwear manufacturer specializing in seamless underwear in 17 years, will launch several women's underwear styles every year that detonate the underwear market. Ingorsports underwear manufacturers believe that if you want to make women's underwear popular, you should start from these two points.

1. The daily needs of women's underwear.

Ladies underwear as MM's personal clothing, first of all its function is clothing, wearing function. Features for body and privacy protection. Therefore, women's underwear should be comfortable and healthy to wear, and the materials used should be safe and environmentally friendly.

Then when ingorsports underwear factory designs a women's underwear, it takes the 3D model of the human body as the benchmark, designs a concept map, and then selects materials, mixes and processes to produce samples, try them on, put forward modification suggestions, and then launch them into the market. . Therefore, many underwear styles of ingorsports are deeply loved by people as soon as they are introduced into the market.

2. The value of women's underwear is reflected.

Indeed, besides the basic wearing function of women's underwear, designers of underwear manufacturers will also give women's underwear some other value through some functional design, partial improvement and decoration of accessories.

For example, now women all want to have a good figure, so when designers of underwear manufacturers design women's underwear styles, they will combine yarn and machine manufacturing methods according to the underwear styles, and process the shrinkage effect at the necessary positions. Body sculpting effect.

For example, some beautiful back bras like the ingorsports underwear factory launched, using simple line shoulder straps, combined with underwear styles, the beautiful back bras produced are very beautiful. Many MM like to buy, some men also like to buy to send their girlfriends.

For another example, lace lace women's underwear, women's thermal underwear, lace is attractive, and many clothing, especially underwear, use lace on intimate clothing. The design of underwear manufacturers like ingorsports cleverly applies lace design to underwear styles, which is fashionable, sexy and attractive.

Therefore, women's underwear that is popular with MM must first satisfy its basic wearing function and at the same time give it a taste value. I believe that not only MM likes this type of women's underwear, but also MM's boyfriends like this type of women's underwear.

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