Guangzhou underwear factory teaches you to wear women's underwear correctly and pay attention to these 4 points

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-20
In 2017, Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports taught everyone how to choose women's underwear, but can you really wear women's underwear correctly? Ingorsports underwear factory teaches you to pay attention to these 4 steps when wearing women's underwear correctly!

Women's underwear is not well worn, it will affect health, so it is very important to choose and wear women's underwear correctly. When wearing women's underwear, you should first choose the underwear style. When wearing, you should tilt your upper body forward at a 45-degree angle. Pass the handle through the shoulder straps of the women's underwear, and let the women's underwear shoulder straps hang on the shoulders.

Second point, after raising your head and chest in front of the mirror, adjust the shoulder straps of the women's underwear to the most comfortable position. Ingorsports underwear factory recommends that our underwear shoulder straps should be kept about 3 cm away from the cup.

The third point, at this time, please keep the posture of leaning forward, and then hook the back of the women's underwear, adjust the position properly, and gather the fat and remaining flesh of the bottom line of the breast to the middle, so that the whole chest is tall and straight. Plump and sexy.

The last thing is to check, shrug your shoulders and raise your hand to see if the shoulder straps of the women's underwear will fall off, whether they are too tight, whether the underarm fat is stored in the cup, and whether the shoulder straps of the women's underwear are level. At the same time, note that the shoulder straps of women's underwear should not be turned over and wrapped to avoid back discomfort.

Wearing women's underwear correctly, have you noticed these 4 points? ingorsports underwear factory also hopes that you can choose women's underwear, and also wear women's underwear to be a delicate woman!

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