Guangzhou underwear factory teaches you how to use these two tricks for online customer order reminders

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-20
For the underwear factory, everything except sales is a cost. The purpose of sales is to create profits for the enterprise, and the process of sales is to sell products or services to customers and get the money back. The same is true for manufacturers of underwear. Especially in the Internet age, how to take the initiative to pay is a big problem for many online sales personnel of underwear factories. Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports has been a manufacturer of seamless underwear for 17 years. Today, it accepts orders through the Internet. The frequency is getting higher and higher, so how to dunnage? ingorsports suggests that you can use these two tricks.

For processing enterprises such as underwear factories, especially e-commerce companies, customers are usually required to make payment first, and then the underwear factory will arrange for delivery of orders. If it is a customer order, under normal circumstances, the customer is required to pay a certain deposit before the factory arranges production. Therefore, under normal circumstances, if the underwear factory wants customers to pay quickly, it must provide good service and fully respect the customer. Payment.

In another situation, some customers may be busy when they get the stock or pay the balance, and they will tell the underwear factory to make the factory ready. I'll send you money...' In this case, as a salesperson of an underwear factory, you must learn to be flexible, and don't say that the factory stipulates that you must pay first, and then place an order. The sales staff can be flexible, such as placing the order to the warehouse first, and letting the warehouse arrange the packaging first. They can take pictures of the packaging situation and take pictures of the package and send them to the customer. At this time, the customer will usually take the initiative to send the factory to the factory. Remittance, once the payment is received, the delivery will be arranged immediately. This is a more efficient method, and it can also dispel the concerns of customers, lest some customers worry about receiving the payment and you will not deliver the goods in time. Underwear factories don't have to teach the truth any more, saying that if the customer does not pay, they will not prepare for the customer. Once the client knows this is the case, the long-term client will feel disgusted and disrespected.

All in all, the underwear factory's payment collection is a very critical step. The underwear factory's sales staff must learn to be flexible and adaptable, not a single tendon. Under the premise of not violating the underwear factory's principles, for example: they must receive the customer's payment. to be shipped. Then the sales staff of the underwear factory can follow the customer's unpaid payment and prevent the prepared goods from leaving the factory.

Respecting customers and treating them like family is the premise for the sales staff of underwear factory to successfully collect money! Therefore, service is really important, and the owner of the underwear factory must truly uphold the principle of 'customer is God'. I also hope that the two points shared by underwear factory ingorsports will be helpful to you.

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