Guangzhou underwear factory teaches you 5 types of chest devices to choose women's underwear

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-20
Accompanying MM for a lifetime, the closest thing to MM is women's underwear. In the previous article, ingorsports underwear factory reminded you that wearing such women's underwear or shapewear for a long time will affect your health. It also mentioned the harm of women's underwear and bras that are too tight or not fitting to the human body. Guangzhou ingorsports underwear factory suggested that when choosing women's underwear bras, MM can choose the appropriate underwear according to their own chest.

In the previous article ingorsports underwear factory teaches you how to choose women's underwear? The ingorsports underwear factory in the article also teaches you how to choose sports underwear and matters needing attention! Today ingorsports underwear factory will teach you how to choose women's underwear according to 5 different breasts.

1. How to choose women's underwear with hemispherical chest?

MM with this type of chest will always attract attention when walking on the street. The hemispherical chest, as its name implies, is shaped like a hemisphere, and the radius of the chassis of the chest is as wide as the chest. Ingorsports underwear factory suggests that women with this type of breast shape can choose the full-cup women's underwear that is more suitable, because the cup-shaped women's underwear has better coverage, which can help MM shape a perfect chest shape and create a charming appearance. confidence.

2. How to choose women's underwear if the chest is conical?

Most of us oriental women have this type of chest, and the chassis area is relatively moderate in height, so most women's underwear bras on the market can be worn, but ingorsports recommends that you can choose the 3/4 cup belt in the non-exercise period Underwire bras are fine, because this type of underwire underwear can bring out the charming curves of MM very well.

3. How to choose women's underwear for flat chest type?

Ladies with flat breasts say that the chest is small, so ingorsports underwear factory recommends that you can choose functional underwear bras with inner lining under the cups and upward push-up, which can create a plump effect for MM, It doesn't make you feel like your breasts are too small.

4. How to choose women's underwear for sagging breasts?

This type of breast shape is usually after MM reaches middle age, and the breasts begin to sag, which requires women's underwear bras to have a certain ability to hold up. In general, ingorsports underwear factory recommends that if the degree of sagging may be the kind of women's underwear bra with a steel ring, it is better to choose a bra. For example, a full-cup bra with steel ring can correct this very well.

5. How to choose women's underwear if the chest distance is too wide to the sides?

This kind of MM recommends choosing the kind of underwear bra with steel ring that can be gathered inward. Of course, I don't like those with steel rings. It is also good to choose the bra with inner lining on both sides, because as long as the breasts are gathered in the middle, the effect can be achieved.

Choose women's underwear No matter what kind of chest you have, you must put comfort first. If you like sports and sweat easily, choose the seamless sports type of women's underwear, which is comfortable, sweat-absorbing and quick-drying , The elastic one is better, after not exercising or after exercising, you can refer to the above 5 points of ingorsports underwear factory to teach you to choose the right women's underwear bra!

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