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Guangzhou underwear factory ingor knitting works in the 'forest'

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-21
The green and business-like plants are filled with the e-commerce department of Guangzhou Underwear Factory ingorsports. In the future, when I work in Guangzhou Underwear Factory ingorsports, I can look up from time to time, and what I see is a touch of green that symbolizes life. Breathing fresh air all the time.

The beautiful office environment of the underwear factory, is it more pleasing to add a little green

I have been engaged in network operation in Guangzhou underwear factory for more than half a year, and the changes here have always brought me a lot of surprises. The daily work of the underwear factory's network marketing network operation is also very numerous, including the daily promotion and optimization of the underwear factory, customer reception, etc., so the time spent in front of the office computer is also relatively long every day.

Guangzhou Underwear Factory's huge office has no special features except work chairs and computers. Over time, it will inevitably be a bit monotonous. President Wang of the underwear factory saw it, and soon found a greening company to order several pots of evergreen plants to be transported to the underwear factory.

The lush green trees show the hope of life, and the beautiful office of the underwear factory has a little more business.

Ingorsports can always feel the care from the underwear factory. In the ordinary life and work of the underwear factory, the ripples that appear inadvertently make people feel warm.

Good working environment, happy mood. A tree, a tree, and a new green is growing actively. Green symbolizes life and gives people hope. Just like the newly established e-commerce department of the underwear factory, it entrusts the expectations of the underwear factory's general manager. As a member of the e-commerce department of the underwear factory, we can only work harder to let customers in need find our ingorsports underwear factory. The brand awareness of the underwear factory has been launched.

Take a breath, and be with green - Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports!

Working in the 'forest

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