Guangzhou underwear factory ingor knitting care staff Dragon Boat Festival gift is really special

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-05-21
The Dragon Boat Festival is an important festival for Chinese people all over the world. Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports currently has more than 350 employees. In this Dragon Boat Festival, Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports not only has a day off, but also for the ingorsports family who are outside. Send a different gift for the Dragon Boat Festival.

2017 Dragon Boat Festival is just at the end of May. May and June are very busy seasons for Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports. Guangzhou Underwear Factory decided to take a day off during the traditional festival of Dragon Boat Festival in order to let all ingorsports people have a happy festival. At the same time, we also prepared exquisite Dragon Boat Festival gifts for our employees.

The editor has also seen many underwear manufacturers send gifts to employees during the Dragon Boat Festival, which must be some zongzi or salted duck eggs, but most of the employees of the underwear factory are not able to cook their own pots and pans. Therefore, it cannot be heated and eaten. Many employees just ate a few salted duck eggs, and the dumplings were given away or simply lost. This not only causes a waste, but also does not make the employees feel the care of the underwear factory for the employees.

There is such a Guangzhou underwear manufacturer, which really considers the actual concerns of the employees and cares from the actual situation of the employees of the underwear manufacturer. The Dragon Boat Festival distributes gifts to the employees. This is the Guangzhou underwear manufacturer ingorsports.

At noon, Manager Hu of the E-commerce Department of Guangzhou Underwear Factory received a notice from the company and asked the cart to go to the warehouse to pick up gifts for the employees during the Dragon Boat Festival. Everyone is also guessing that it may also be zongzi or something, but when a cart of gifts came over. wow this is...

'Come on, let's get together, one box per person, one box per person...' Manager Hu said loudly. 'This year's Dragon Boat Festival, our ingorsports underwear factory has a day off. At the same time, Mr. Wang of the underwear factory thanked everyone for their hard work. Considering food safety, and considering the actual situation of most of our ingorsports underwear factory's employees living in the factory, this year, the company will give each person a coupon. Box Wangzi drinks, no dumplings, etc...'

'This is good!' Everyone said in unison!

In the big family of ingorsports, the company really considers the concerns of its employees, and the meticulous care is reflected in the details, such as the Dragon Boat Festival gift from Guangzhou Underwear Factory.

“Being alone in a foreign land is a stranger, and I miss my relatives every festive season!” In this special festival, I sincerely wish all Chinese sons and daughters in Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports a healthy Dragon Boat Festival! Remember to call your family members far away and send a greeting!

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