Guangzhou Underwear Factory: Doing a good job in underwear processing ingor knitting 'captures' customers depends on this

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-20
Last week, Ms. Wang, a customer from Shanxi, asked Guangzhou underwear factory to process a batch of women's underwear. She came to ingorsports in person. Come to the factory to interview in person, the customer is very satisfied... Underwear processing, Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports 'captured' based on this.

Speaking of the cooperation between Ms. Wang from Shanxi and underwear factory ingorsports, it is really a coincidence. Ms. Wang has been engaged in women's underwear for more than 10 years since she opened a store in Shanxi Trade City Market, mainly engaged in the sales and wholesale of women's underwear and socks. As early as July, Ms. Wang found us ingorsports through the Internet, and sent a few samples of women's underwear. We can also make these styles. We also strongly invited Ms. Wang to visit the underwear factory to visit and negotiate. But Miss Wang couldn't leave the store for a while, so she couldn't get out.

In October, Ms. Wang suddenly called to ask us what thermal underwear we had, and sent her some styles of bottoming shirts. I sent her some styles of women's thermal underwear recently launched by our underwear factory. After reading it, she chose a few samples and told me that she has always been selling women's underwear and other products, and now I will try it and sell it Try thermal underwear.

Two or three days later, Ms. Wang received the thermal underwear sample I sent, and she was very excited. She felt very good wearing it! I immediately picked two styles, 50 pieces each, and 100 pieces were delivered to her. After they were received, they were placed in the store. They were immediately picked up by her customers and sold out. Later, she asked me to ship one or two hundred pieces to her every other day, and told me that our underwear, whether it is style or workmanship, is comfortable to wear, and customers generally report that it is very good.

At the end of October, Ms. Wang told me that she still decided to come to the underwear factory to have a look and prepare to make a batch of thermal underwear herself. She said that this year was really unexpected for her, she did not expect it at all, she tried In the thermal underwear business, I originally wanted to sell it, but I didn't expect it to be so easy to sell.

After coming to the underwear factory, I also specially recommended her to have an interview with the proprietress. The proprietress also gave a comprehensive introduction to the novelties and features of our thermal underwear styles, including our materials, and customer feedback. Miss Wang also Highly recognized, she said that she did find this. Although she also found products similar to ours in the market, it is true that our thermal underwear products do have better feel and comfort. The proprietress picked up one of our thermal underwear, pulled the lace and told the customer that our lace has a three-dimensional effect of unevenness and does not tie the skin. We chose the best one among the same kind of lace, so the inner type keeps warm Our underwear product, the light lace piece, is about 1.5 yuan higher than the ordinary cost of others. In fact, let's look at the sewing and threading... So the ladies underwear processed by our ingorsports may be 1.5 yuan higher than the price of the same industry. To two yuan, but our product customers generally report that it is better to sell. Basically, after one cooperation, we will cooperate with our family for a long time in the future.

It is true that Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports does a good job in the processing of women's underwear. It relies on integrity, and it is a product that makes customers scream. Mutual benefit and win-win, customers are easy to sell, and underwear factories can only have orders.

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