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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-02
As the number one sport in the world, football is loved by countless fans. As a football fan in Guangdong, we naturally hope that we can watch more events and more professional venues for teams to play, and hope that the level of football in Guangdong can be improved. layer! Today, Guangzhou has confirmed that it will build a professional stadium with 80,000 people, which is undoubtedly good news for fans. This also means that Guangdong football fans will have another holy place for watching football in the future! As early as April this year, Guangzhou issued the 'Special Plan for the Layout of Public Sports Facilities and Sports Industry Functional Zones in Guangzhou (2013).—2020) (Draft)', which proposes to plan near Guangzhou South Railway Station“Guangzhou Super Large Professional Football Field”, but at that time, there was no clear information on the user of the stadium and the capacity of the stadium. But at the May 12 meeting,“oversized”The concept of 80,000 people is clearly defined, and the stadium will be used by Guangzhou Evergrande Club. Guangzhou South Railway Station is located in the transportation center of the Pearl River Delta. Shenzhen, Foshan, Zhongshan, Zhuhai and other cities can be reached within one hour by high-speed rail. Fans from cities in the Pearl River Delta can easily reach by high-speed rail. The location of the football stadium is considered to radiate to the Pearl River Delta. If Evergrande Club can maintain its capital investment and continue its excellent record, after the stadium is completed in the future, this professional stadium will become the football center of the entire Greater Pearl River Delta region. Guangdong's football culture and The football industry will take it to the next level. Guangzhou Sports Bureau revealed that they are currently actively studying the issue of R&F Football Club contracting and managing Yuexiushan Stadium. If the negotiation between the two parties is successful, R&F is expected to renovate the Yuexiushan Stadium in all aspects. In addition, Guangzhou is also assisting R&F in the construction of a club training base, transforming the secondary field of the University City Sports Center into a training base for R&F Football Club, and assisting R&F Football Club in establishing the Guangzhou Football Youth Training Center. With so much goodwill from the Guangzhou Municipal Government, R&F Club is expected to be rooted in Guangzhou for a long time. Ingor is a professional sportswear manufacturer. Since its establishment in 1997, it has been focusing on the sports industry. It is a manufacturer based on quality and seeking development with service! Ingor sports clothing covers all aspects of sports, including football uniforms, basketball sportswear manufacturer, volleyball sportswear, etc. We support team wholesale. If Ingor 's existing styles cannot meet your requirements, you can customize it or put forward your requirements. , and let Ingor 's clothing designers create tailor-made clothing for your team. Ingor offers free sample delivery to your door for you to choose and test the size! No matter how far or near!
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